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Happy Hummers


Hills bedecked in powdered rain.

Will we see green trees again?

Chilly mist drifts overhead,

Cools the hibernator’s bed.



Yet the valley down below,

Barely shows a hint of snow,

Filbert trees are flowering,

Wimpy folks still cowering.




Filbert flowers dangle plain,

Golden curtain, golden mane.

Hiding hummers, sheltered perch,

Safe from predators who search.




In the open on this twig,

In the sun I dance a jig,

Happy to be warm out here,

Catching rays of light so dear.



In the shade, my throat is brown,

Wait until I turn around,

I’m like lady hot pants pink,

Pretty special, don’t you think?



Bright pink plumage, yes that’s me,

Now I’m quite a catch, you see.

Don’t believe me? Yes, it’s true,

Sure as I can look at you.



Author: wordsfromanneli

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41 thoughts on “Happy Hummers

  1. Your photos and poem are fantastic! Are your hazelnut trees blooming now? They are so pretty.


  2. That humming bird is so very beautiful, I´ve never seen such a pretty one. It looks like spring has sprung in your yard. And a nice little poem to go with the pictures makes a perfect post!

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  3. Wunderschön die Kolibris. Konnte ich bislang nur im Vogelpark fotografieren 😍

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  4. Dear Anneli
    Great combination of your poem with the bird pictures. Well done 👍 👍
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  5. Your photos are amazing! Love your poem too. Do you have flowering trees there already? It’s 10 below zero here!

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  6. That is pretty amazing, Anneli. How did you get those photos???

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  7. I like the way your beautiful images inspire you to express yourself through poetry. Well done, Anneli!

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  8. You do have a way with a poetic phrase, Anneli! I enjoyed the poem immensely! And what sweet photos!

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  9. The bright pink is beautiful, and so welcoming during winter.

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  11. What a gorgeous bird!

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  12. Beautiful photos, Anneli, and a delightful poem. Is it hummingbird season already? I think we’re a few weeks away, but I don’t want to be late for those sure signs of spring. 🙂

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