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Flower Power


I was happy that my orchid was blooming bravely through the winter, but the room cheered up considerably when our dinner guests brought a pot of primulas. Such bright colours made it hard to be anything but happy.


The winter colours all around,

Seem mute, and stay benign,

But springlike colours popping up,

Are bright and so divine.


Absorbing rays that warm and heal,

The blossoms open wide,

Displaying cheer, inviting joy,

I know they’re on my side.

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Author: wordsfromanneli

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29 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. So beautiful, Anneli! ❤️

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  2. Beautiful picture! It looks like you have a lovely plant spot. We’re getting closer to seeing these colours outside!

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  3. There is nothing like having spring flowers to look at in your house during winter time to make you feel happy. That was a nice gift from your guests.

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  4. Gorgeous! Two of my orchids are getting ready to explode with blooms. It’s so exciting! 🙂

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  5. Your orchid, Anneli, is gorgeous alongside the primulas. Color is truly uplifting!

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  6. Your cheerful post with its colourful flowers and poem made my day. Thank you, Anneli!

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  7. Those cheered me, too. Maybe Spring is close!

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  8. Their colours certainly perk things up!

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  9. It’s always good to have some colour in these dreary days of winter.

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  10. This is just what winter weary eyes want to see!

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  11. There’s nothing so cheerful in winter as bright, colorful flowers. Fun poem, too, Anneli. Hang in there, spring’s on the way….

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