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The Messy Eater


Hmm, that looks like something tasty. Think I’ll fly on down for a bite of lunch.


Good thing I spotted this raccoon carcass. Tastes not bad.


Oh, darn. I got a spot of blood on my shirt.


Hmpf! I just know the Missus will be annoyed. Oh well, it was worth it.



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46 thoughts on “The Messy Eater

  1. Very beautiful photos, Anneli!

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  2. Der Fleck muss weg 😂😂
    Fantastische Bilder, sehr gute Texte 😃

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  3. What pictures! I could have gone an entire lifetime without seeing anything so beautiful.

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  4. Wow! These are incredible photos, Anneli. I love the captions, too…especially the one where he’s looking down. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Oh Anneli! What fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing them.

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  6. The photos are so clear and beautiful! I love seeing them perched up in the trees keeping an eye on their territory. Such majestic birds.

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  7. Impressive pictures and a perfect text to go with them. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Humorous photo essay on a messy eater! We have many eagles in the Arrow Lakes area, but they prefer to move to milder climates in the winter.

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  9. A true joy to see these clear and stunning photos of the bald eagle, Anneli. And fun words too. I chuckled outloud at how much that third photo really looks like he’s looking down at the blood stain on his shirt. Great fun.

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  10. Fantastic pictures! 🙂

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  11. What a magnificent fellow. I’m glad he enjoyed his lunch. Yum… not. 😀

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  12. What a handsome guy!!!!!!!!!!! Those photos!!! You outdid yourself even, Anneli!

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  13. Nice photo and corresponding story 🥰

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  14. Great series of photos Anneli and a fun story to go with it! Magnificent birds, what an experience.

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  15. What brilliant photos! Amazing!

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