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In spite of being pregnant, probably with triplets or quadruplets, Della still likes to explore the forest around the woodshed. She has a long pole that she runs out on. She checks for danger, and then launches herself to the nearest fir tree.

Usually … that’s what she does.

Today, getting ready to take the leap, she hesitates.

Concentrate! Get ready to leap.


Ahh! Yawwwwwn! The sun is shining here and it’s so lovely after so much snow and rain. I’m just going to enjoy a few rays of warmth before I launch myself into the trees. 


Now for that jump to the fir tree. Hmm … was it always this scary?



Hhhhh! Oh dear … what if I fall? My poor babies!



Such a long way down….



Know what? I think I’m going to play it safe today. 



I’m going to check out the sunflower seeds in my jar and have a little snack … and then we’ll see.


As a young and playful squirrel,

Nothing could deter this girl,

Now I’m older, more mature,

Chances that I take are fewer.


Flying through the air with ease,

Grasping branches of the trees,

Up a hundred feet, I’d run,

I’d get high this way for fun.


But for now I take it slow,

I’m more careful where I go,

Babies soon will be with me,

And we’ll all go tree to tree.


But ’til then I must take care,

And of dangers I’ll beware,

Safe my unborn babes must be,

After they are born, we’ll see.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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49 thoughts on “Considerations

  1. A lovely story with a great photos! Soon you will see the tiny squirrels, they are cute with their tails looking like a woollen yarn.

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  2. Werdende Mütter sind vorsichtig, hoffentlich auch Della.
    Schöne Bilder mit sehr aussagekräftigen Texten 😅😊

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  3. Your photos and story about her are adorable, and she has such pretty colours! You must be looking forward to watching the little ones grow up.

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  4. A heartwarming post that has me smiling away – clever Della for being careful. I love the interior monologue and the photos are superb – one can see her worried concerned expression. Wise decision to return to the safer sunflower seeds and wait for th birth!

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  5. Those are such lovely pictures! And your text is going so well with them. Love it!

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  6. Such a fun poem and photos, Anneli! I love how your words match the photos. ❤️☺️

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  7. She has to be extra cautious right now. A good thing she has a safe food source nearby. Sweet post, Anneli.

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  8. How precious. I love the pictures and the poetry. Mothers of all species are the same, aren’t we?

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  9. Love this. And you could tell she’s pregnant!

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  10. Lovely photo essay and a great poem about your squirrel friend, Anneli

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  11. Adorable!! Hopefully you will get some baby pictures soon.

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  12. Such a fun post, Anneli. I love the photo story and your sweet poem. ❤ Brought a bit of joy to my heart this evening.

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  13. So this brings up the question: does she realize she’s pregnant? Or does she feel out of balance? How much does an animal know when she’s pregnant?

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  14. You take such great photos, Anneli. It’s that time of year, isn’t it? I need to head out and toss some squirrel snacks around. 🙂

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  15. Such an amazing image and great poem that you shared Anneli.
    Thanks Anita

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  16. Ich liebe diese entzückende, kleine Geschichte! Anneli, du hast hier wirklich so putzige Fotos mit passenden Texten zusammengestellt, dass sie mir ein Lächeln in das Gesicht zaubern. Da wir direkt am Waldrand wohnen, haben wir auch jeden Tag Eichhörnchen zu Besuch, die sich gerne die Nüsse holen, die ich auf die Fensterbank und auf die Terrasse lege.
    Vielen Dank für diese schöne Story!
    Einen schönen Tag wünscht dir Rosie

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  17. I love the photos and the poem. Such a complement, Anneli. 💙

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  18. Thank you, Niel. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. My squirrels are so much fun for me.

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