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Reflections of Love


The other day I finally got around to cleaning some of the windows. I wondered if Quentin would be at the front door even more enthusiastically than before, talking to his reflection, hoping this “friend” would come out to play.

Sure enough, he appeared in a short time and had a conversation with himself at the window next to the front door.

Then he hopped onto the railing and sunned himself. (By the way, he does have two legs. Maybe he’s just warming one leg in his feathers.)

I told him he’s making a mess of the railing. What if someone wanted to hold onto it to steady themselves as they walked down the steps? But he just looked at me incredulously and said, “Well, I have to go somewhere!”

Just look at his beautifully designed head. So many different feather sizes, shapes, and colours, all in perfectly arranged sets of patterns.

Quentin Quail is beautiful,

Still his search is dutiful,

Hunting for his long lost mate,

Lonely living is his fate.


Yet he visits at the door,

His reflection to adore,

Thinking this is Queenie Quail,

Though he once again will fail.


Pondering his solitude,

He does nothing to intrude,

Quietly he soaks up sun,

Waiting for his only one.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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31 thoughts on “Reflections of Love

  1. he looks so smart with that feather dangling over his eyes!

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  2. Great photos of this cutie, Anneli! I like your poem too. ☺️

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  3. Aw…he’s so sweet. Love your poem, Anneli!

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  4. He does have a point, Anneli, about needing a place to rest. Lovely poem in his honor!

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  5. Quentin is such a beautiful bird. I wish that one day he will get a partner. I love your little poem as much as the pictures.

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    • Thank you, Ursula. I feel so sorry for him being alone. He must be very smart to have survived several winters now, with the harsh weather and all the owls and eagles and raccoons around.


  6. He is such a little cutie and your photos and poem are beautiful. Poor little lonely guy.

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    • Thank you, Lynette. Today I went outside to spread some bark mulch around and nearby, I heard Quentin “clucking” – his “I’m a little bit worried” sound – and then he flew off to the neighbours’ over the hedge.

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  7. He is a handsome one. Nice close up!


  8. What a shape – really nice!

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  9. Fantastic photo essay and poem in admiration for the lonely quail searching for his mate, Anneli!

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  10. Thank you, Peter. He was in the shrubbery this morning as I refilled the birdfeeders. I could hear him “clucking” the way quails do.


  11. A beautiful picture
    I just followed your blog and look forward to reading more

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  12. Amazing how you get these shots. Your awareness is magnificent!

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    • Thank you, DK. We have a lot of birds and little animals hanging around here. I think it’s for a couple of reasons. I put out bird and squirrel food. We live on a point of land that sticks out into the Strait of Georgia and it’s a place where a lot of birds stop to rest on their way up the coast. We have a lot of tall fir trees and maples around the property, and have planted a lot of shrubs and hedges for places where birds can find shelter. As for the awareness, I don’t use earbuds. (Couldn’t resist that dig. Sorry. But I’m smiling as I say that.) I appreciate your visits and comments.😊


  13. Quentin is well named. It suits him!

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  15. He is handsome. Would be nice to draw in pastel I think.

    I hope he does find a mate but it doesn’t sound very likely 😦

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    • Not likely here. There are a few quail several miles away, but Quentin has been alone … I think for three or four years now. And yesterday I discovered that there is a hawk hanging around the feeders (so I’ve stopped the feeding for a few days). There is enough food around and it isn’t as bitter cold as it was in the winter so I think they’ll be okay for food.

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  16. Awww… what a handsome guy!

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