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The Fat Herring


“Junior! What are you looking at down there?”


“Nothing interesting, Ma. I’m just wondering who’s going to clean up all the mess those seagulls are making. After eating all those herring and the herring roe, I bet it’s pretty slick and hummy on that roof.”

“The squawking and shrieking is ear piercing. They have no pride. Slithering around on that roof as they digest their shreds of herring. But I guess they do a good job of cleaning up the beaches. If only they’d clean up the roof after they … you know ….  But wait! What’s that I hear the seagulls saying?”


I heard seagulls squawk a joke,

Hermann Goering was the bloke

That they picked on for his fat,

Not so nice, but that was that.


Herring seller in the town,

Cried his product all around,

“Herring, herring!” he would shout,

“Fat as that old Goering lout.”


Then police took him away,

Told him that’s not nice to say,

Off you go, two weeks in jail,

And you’ll stay there without bail.


Two weeks later he was out,

He was careful what to shout,

He had herring, don’t you know,

Fat as just two weeks ago.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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18 thoughts on “The Fat Herring

  1. That’s cute! Love the eagle pictures – terrific!

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  2. Jaja, die Möwen sind Schreihälse 😂
    Sehr schöne Bilder!

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  3. Aw…so sweet! Great shots, Anneli!

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  4. I love the last lines in your poem! I am still laughing.

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  5. The seagulls making a mess at the seashore, but the pooping Canada geese in our region are worse and are not very much liked for what they are doing at our golf course.

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  6. That was so much fun, Anneli!

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