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Spring Ditties


It was a day of surprises. Yesterday, this plum tree had only tightly bunched up buds. Today the sun came out for a few minutes and the plum tree called out,

“Look at me! Look at me!

Every flower a plum will be!”

The next surprise lay at my feet as I stopped to admire the plum tree. It was just lucky I didn’t step on it.

Robin baby, where are you?

Found your shell that you picked through,

Lying by the blooming plum,

Just the size of someone’s thumb.


Morning, sparrow, golden crowned,

You don’t mind me being around,

Posing for me for so long,

Before bursting out in song.




Waxy petals calling out,

Any hummingbirds about?

We’re the colour that’s the best,

Not much sugar, that’s a test.

Try it putting out your two lips,

We are truly tasty tulips.


You rang?

Author: wordsfromanneli

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41 thoughts on “Spring Ditties

  1. Such beautiful “springing”in your yard! And you spotted a hummingbird, too. What a lovely response to your “ring.” 🙂

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  2. Das ist Frühling pur…wunderschön 😍

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  3. Lovely photos, Anneli. Our hummies are out in force!

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  4. The tree is really beautiful!

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  5. What a delightful spring post, Anneli. ❤

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  6. Spring is here as I can see. Beautiful pictures and fun little poems. Finally Winter is history!

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    • It seems to take longer every year for the weather to warm up. I don’t believe in global warming. If it’s true, it only happens for a couple of months a year. After that, it’s global cooling for about nine or ten months. But for now, we have spring at last.


  7. When the right signal comes from Mother nature, it is amazing how quickly buds respond and open up within hours.

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  8. Nice to imagine all the plums that beautiful tree will produce. It looks like spring has truly arrived there.

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  9. Beautiful, Anneli! Welcome, spring.

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  10. Awww how sweet. Our plums are also blossoming. And what a gorgeous hummingbird! That’s an amazing shot. 🙂 He’s looking right at you. ❤


  11. Thanks so much Anneli for sharing some of early spring’s fascinating scenes in words and photos.


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  13. Such a beautiful image of this blue egg baby hatching.


  14. Most of these photos could be from Michigan. And yet you are so far from Michigan. How can that be?

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