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Squirrel Update


Della is obviously feeding babies who are stashed away in the nest. She does her best to keep up her strength. She’s found a hazelnut she stored last fall, and has it all shelled and ready to enjoy.

“But oh dear! What’s this? Danger! It’s that darned Emma again. She’s a squirrel killer if I ever saw one.”

“Aw! C’mon, Della,” says Emma. “I just want to play. And what are you eating? I’m always interested in food.”


“No way! I’m getting up higher into this tree. Good thing there’s a fence so she can’t get at my babies.”

Later, the young squirrels come out of hiding for the first time. They are about the size of a small hamster.

Do you see three of them? One is very shy. Only his head shows.


“What are you eating down there? Is that a sunflower seed? Are they any good?”


“Aw … pretty please and kisses too? Let me try one.”


“I’ll tell Mom you’re not sharing….”

“Go ahead. She doesn’t care. She’s busy cleaning the house anyway, so you’d better not bug her.”


Della sighs. “A woman’s work is never done. I need a holiday.”

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40 thoughts on “Squirrel Update

  1. Die sind ja wirklich klein und sooo niedlich 🤗😍


  2. They are sweet little things! How long do they keep close to Mom?


    • They stay in the nest for 7 weeks after they’re born and then they keep nursing until they’re about 10 weeks old. When they come out of the nest they look like miniature adults with all their fur, but they’re quite naive and so very vulnerable to dangers.


  3. They are so cute! ❤️

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  4. These little squirrels are so adorable. Emma is quite the good looking pup too! Great photos, as always Anneli.

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  5. Oh Anneli, I like reading your little stories about the squirrels like in a diary. 💝 It’s so fun to watch the little ones exploring their little world.😍

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  6. What a lovely squirrel story! Your photo stories are delightful, Anneli. Greetings from a squirrel relative of the Interior: https://pixabay.com/photos/nature-squirrel-cute-eating-tree-7164572/

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  7. I love your perfect photos of those little squirrels and the fun story to go with them, thanks for the update on them.

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  8. So incredibly cute!

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  9. What a wonderful home in that woodpile! Fun pictures of the little ones. And Della hard at work. They’ll be able to manage on their own soon, and she’ll get a break.

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  10. I love your squirrel updates! They are so adorable (and so is Emma). Cheers.

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    • Thanks, Lynette. They are such sweet little things. This morning I brought sunflower seeds out to the woodshed and one of them sat there eating them just a couple of feet away from me. And yet they have enough sense to run from Emma (for which I’m thankful). I try to keep Emma away from the woodshed area but I have to hope for the best, that their paths never cross.

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      • Wow! How lovely. They have probably figured out that you’re the source of the food but it’s great that they still recognise that Emma might have a different agenda.

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        • Yes, I’m glad they are wary of her. And as for food, they are really good at getting their own food, and my sunflower seeds are just a top up.


          • Sorry Anneli, I didn’t mean to imply that they’re dependent on you; I know that you’re very cautious about that. Cheers.

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            • No problem, Lynette. When you put food out for wildlife, it is a real concern whether you make them dependent on you. I’ve noticed that they get their own fir cones and stash them away, and they steal every one of my filberts and dig them into the ground for later. We haven’t harvested a filbert in about three years. They feed themselves, but I like to help them out when it’s extra cold or miserable out there,

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  11. You know Emma is my favorite!

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  12. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys are so adorable! I can’t stand it.

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  13. What a family you have there, Anneli!

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  14. Delightful update! The squirrel family seems right at home in the firewood. Thanks Anneli.

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