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Tommy, Dickie, and Harry


I had to name the squirrel triplets, so Tom, Dick, and Harry came to mind, but then I thought, what if they’re girls or even if one is a girl. I decided that if I find out that they are girls, I can change the names easily enough to Tammy, Dixie, and Harriet.

They were out playing on their version of the Jungle Gym (the woodshed), which includes a great climbing wall.

The Trouble with Triplets – Two Against One


Tommy has the top notch place

On a smooth wide ledge,

Every day it is a race,

To maintain his edge.

Dickie says, “I’ll share my lunch,

If I sit by you,

Then I’ll love you a whole bunch,

And enjoy the view.”

“See? There’s room enough for two,

Harry’s left behind,

Now whatever shall we do,

Treat him mean or kind?”

Dickie says, “I’ll go on down,

Tell him there’s no room,

I already see his frown,

Face like doom and gloom.”

“Don’t come up here, Harry dear,

This is just for us,

Be a good boy, be of cheer,

And don’t make a fuss.”

Harry says, “I’m good as you,

I’ll just climb around.

How can I enjoy the view

Down here on the ground?”

Tommy says, “Now don’t be mean,

Don’t make Harry run.

It is better if it’s seen,

That we are as one.”


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30 thoughts on “Tommy, Dickie, and Harry

  1. Great photos, Anneli! These guys are soooo cute! ❤️

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  2. So lieb und herzig. Ganz wunderbare Fotos und Texte 😍🤗

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  3. They are perfect little miniatures!

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  4. That is too cute, Anneli! I want my own squirrels!

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  5. They are sooo darling! You must have enjoyed watching them so much (but as you note above, you have to be cautious about them getting too familiar). Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of them with us!

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  6. Sweet little squirrels, lovely pictures and a fun poem to go with them.

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  7. We really enjoyed text and pictures, dear Anneli.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  8. How cute. I’ve been away for a while. Are those Lincoln’s triplets? Was Lincoln really a Lyn?

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    • I think these are Lincoln’s grandchildren. I’m not sure if Lincoln is still around. It’s been a good four years and they don’t live much longer than that. Not sure. But he did start quite a little colony. They’ve spread out in the neighbourhood and everyone seems happy to see them.

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  9. They are so cute 😍 and they are having fun together ❤️


  10. They are adorable!

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  11. What a fun post, Anneli, but how do you tell them apart?

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  12. So cute, Anneli. They love their jungle gym. 🙂 We have babies too but I haven’t seen them yet. Just mama coming over for walnuts. Some of the joys of spring.

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  13. Cute dialogue! A little mischief seems in order.

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