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A Red Cap


If you have any tree stumps on your property, you might want to think twice before getting them removed. They are the equivalent of a gourmet restaurant for a woodpecker. Here is Dryocopus pileatus (the pileated woodpecker) working for his meal. Pileatus means capped and refers to his red cap.

As the wood decays, all sorts of worms and bugs feed off it, and in turn they become food for some birds. This pileated woodpecker is chipping into the bark of the stump and must be finding something good to eat. See his tongue sticking out, slurping up the appetizers?

Now he’s discovered a crack where the wood has split. This is typically a good place to look for bugs, as the rainwater has dripped into the split and rotted the wood, making it ideal for the bugs that the woodpecker is looking for.

Notice how the pileated woodpecker is using his tail for balance as he hammers away at the stump looking for his supper.

In the video below, I had some trouble holding the camera still, but halfway through, I finally got it settled. Have a look at Woody pecking for his dinner.




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27 thoughts on “A Red Cap

  1. That’s true grubbin’ underway!

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  2. What a beautiful visitor and your photos of him are great! I love hearing all the birdsong in the background of your video. Marvellous!

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  3. We have so many of them. We live amongst endangered oaks. I wake up hearing them tap tap, taping, loudly on our house. The house won’t last forever, with them busily tapping. But, I hope they do. I love them completely.

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  4. I love to watch woodpeckers, they are very good looking birds. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the fun video.


  5. It’s always a treat to watch the woodpeckers. Our bird action has been amazing this spring. Thanks for sharing, Anneli.

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  6. Good advice, and what a beautiful bird.

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  7. That was interesting. It hurts my neck, how much he throws it around!

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  8. He’a certainly looking his best! Nice shots, Anneli!

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  9. These birds are so entertaining to watch. I wonder if they suffer from headaches after all that pounding. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and the little video!

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  10. I love this. Such good info, too, about keeping the stumps. And so much better than them pecking at the siding of your house haha.

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  11. Delightful post Anneli! One of the nearby nature parks that I walk is filled with shards of fallen trees. Everything on the ground returns back in nature’s never-ending cycle.

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