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Good or Bad?


The robin’s nest lies empty, and four little newly feathered babies are braving the unseasonably cold spring. The wind ruffles the baby featherlets. Drips of rain plaster the down onto their skinny pink bodies. What little body heat they had must be replenished quickly with food brought to them by their parents.

Junior #1 sits, wondering what to do.

Junior #2 sits a little more hidden, waiting for his mother to feed him.

Mother robin wonders where she should look for food for her brood. She also needs to find Junior #3 and #4.

I felt so sorry for them all that I went out into the miserable, cold wind, and dug up a few shovelfuls of dirt in my garden, knowing that it is infested with the grubs of the ten-lined beetles. I threw them onto the upturned lid of an old garbage can.

These grubs hide deep in the soil and wait for potatoes to grow so they can eat them before I try to harvest them.

Then, satiated, they wait for the first very hot day to come out of the ground and fly around as ten-lined beetles, again, as they do every year, looking for me so they can land on my back where I can’t reach them, and I have to run around the yard screaming until the Captain comes out to save me.

But this year I’m getting my revenge on them. At the same time I’m helping the mother robin to feed her brood.

Watch this video of how “Man” (in this case “Woman”) has helped Nature.

Then you can tell me if I did a bad thing or a good thing.


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45 thoughts on “Good or Bad?

  1. Yes, you may have helped in a minor way, but I don’t think inappropriately. Robins will often dig through overturned earth for nutritious grubs, but I don’t think we should stop farming. Lovely photos of the young ones; I very much enjoyed the video.

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  2. You have done very good for mother Robin helping her to feed brood! Beautiful photos with description πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ well shared thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  3. At least you can feed the birds with those grubs. I would give up on the potatoes, too much work for nothing. I just hope that they donΒ΄t eat the roots of other veggies.

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  4. For me and for the little robins family you did a great thing πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
    Beautiful photos!

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  5. I think your idea was terrific. A win for everyone (except the grubs 😏). Sweet shots!

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  6. Great photos of the babies, Anneli, and you did a very good thing in helping mom feed her little ones! You are awesome. ❀️

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  7. Blech. I don’t like it when a bug makes eye contact with me. Not a beetle, or a fly, or especially not a spider. I’m sure momma robin is grateful.

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  8. You did a good thing, Anneli!

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  9. Umm, that goes in the good column. Without a doubt.

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  10. Beautiful. And a video to top it off!

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  11. I think you did the right thing, although Mama probably would have found the grubs on her own. Loved the photos and video.

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    • The robin are good at getting the worms and bugs that are near enough to the surface, but these ugly bugs are a foot or more down in the soil – just about potato level! I did feel a bit guilty, but only as much as if I kill a bug in the house. I try not to kill insects outside unless they are detrimental to something in my life. (Like my potato harvest). But these grubs are a real scourge. I’m glad the robins like them.

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      • About ten years ago out lawn was so infested with grubs that it looked like the dust bowl. We tried everything, and had to hire the experts to solve the problem. They didn’t use chemicals, they had to tear out most of our dust bowl lawn and start over. Today we have a beautiful green lawn. So, grubs are not my friends.
        Thank goodness you dug those grubs up for mama robin.

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        • I am not a bit surprised to hear that, Jennie. I’ve been having thoughts of sifting through every cupful of dirt out there, and of course I’ll miss some and the problem will recur. But it was never as bad as this before. I think I’ll try to aim for the solution that you took, and get rid of as many grubs as I can and not worry about planting things. It’s more important to get those horrible things out of there. There’s something to be said for greenhouses. They have a roof! No beetles will fly in and lay eggs there.

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  12. Oh Anneli, these little robin-babies are so cute! I love all birds and I think you did the right thing in getting these maggots out of the ground. So mother robin has something delicious to feed. We have little tits in our bird feeder. The parents were always very busy feeding them. They fly in and out busily. Maybe the little ones have already been outside and looked at the world.
    Anneli, I wish you all the best! 🌞 🐞🌷
    Rosie from Germany

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