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Bonnie and Benny Bunny


A new load of firewood waits for someone to move it into the shed. Doesn’t seem like a big job unless you consider that each piece of firewood must be picked up and set down again. If there are 300 pieces of firewood that means I have to bend down to pick up or put down wood 600 times. My back hurts already!

If I thought this prospect was daunting, how do you think young Benny Bunny felt when his hiding place was discovered after only a short time and he came bouncing out from under the firewood? Now he will have to find another place to hide.


“Don’t fret, Benny,” said Bonnie Bunny. “As long as we have each other, we can snuggle up together tonight. But for now, let’s get out of here. Quick like a bunny!”

You can see how tiny Bonnie is compared to the piece of firewood she’s sitting beside.


“Bonnie, see these sunflower seeds?

These are all a bunny needs.

I know we prefer the lettuce,

And the carrots I will get us.



“Even though the garden’s poor,

What I’ve noticed on my tour,

Is that still the weeds can grow,

Found some good ones that I know.



“All these seeds are empty shells,

They’re the ones the squirrel repels,

Leave those sunflower seeds alone,

Better eat the greens I’ve known.



“No more hiding in the wood,

There’s a place I know we could,

Enter in the veggie patch,

All new sprouts go down the hatch.”



Hipping, hopping, off they go,

To the place that Ben will show,

Ducking through the garden fence,

Once inside they’re not so tense.


“One important thing,” says Ben,

“Don’t eat more than eight or ten,

If we put on too much weight,

Can’t squeeze through the garden gate.”



Though they barely made it through,

They were thrilled to chew and chew.

Bonnie says, “I’ll just eat seven,

And I’ll come back to this heaven.”

Author: wordsfromanneli

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34 thoughts on “Bonnie and Benny Bunny

  1. Aw… I guess I didn’t know rabbits would create dens in firewood piles. The things I learn from you.

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  2. Great photos, Anneli, they are so sweet! ❤️


  3. That’s a lot of wood! I love the baby bunnies. We have them running all over the place.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, they will do a lot of damage, but they are so adorable!

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  5. Sweet little bunnies. That´s a lot of wood to stack. I feel sorry for your back.


    • I kept wanting to stop and do the rest another day, but then I remembered that it was supposed to rain the next day so I pushed myself to get it done. I hurt here and there but I’m glad it’s all done.


  6. Da erinnere ich mich an Zeiten, wo es bei uns auch viele Wildkaninchen gab. Im Frühling war keine einzige Blume vor ihnen sicher, alle Blüten wurden von ihnen abgefressen. Niedlich sind sie aber trotzdem 🤗

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  7. In your lovely bunny poem, you let the bunnies hop into the garden. Now, I don’t know what is worse an aching back or the loss of your lettuce in the garden. Great creative post as always!

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    • Thanks for checking out my post, Peter.
      Last year I kept chasing one of them out of the garden until one day he got just fat enough that it was really hard for him to squeeze out through the gate. After that, he couldn’t get back in. Too fat!

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  8. Yikes! I’m glad the wood didn’t topple on the bunnies as the stack looks mighty! I reckon the vegetable patch will be the perfect haven for them … but not ideal for the gardeners! Visiting an estate and gardens yesterday we came across the cutest baby bunnies and they were barely the size of a small mouse. They already seemed unperturbed by the visitors and not at all camera shy!

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  9. It’s more like 1200 times if you consider it has to be moved into the house… well, 1800 times if you that it was picked up and loaded into the truck for delivery to the shed. Yeesh. We switched over to a gas stove in the main part of our house last summer since our backs are getting a little old for the work. And Bennie and Bonnie will make a new home in the new woodpile. 🙂 Cute photos and poem, my friend.

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  10. I love bunnies – these babies are so little! I usually only see the adults out and about. Thanks for sharing your pictures 🙂

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  11. L O L. Ben must have learned that from Peter rabbit getting too fat. We have to learn from the mistakes of others. They are so cute.

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