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Summer Games – Dressage



Last time we had firewood delivered, I found a badge at the bottom of the pile of wood.

Forty-one years ago, someone was a volunteer at the Summer Games held in Comox on Vancouver Island.

Somehow the badge they wore became a part of my collection of curiosities. I don’t know who wore this badge, but perhaps I brushed by that person as I climbed up into the stadium to watch the dressage competition.

I had just moved back to the island after being away for several years working in other parts of the province, and when I heard that the Summer Games were on, I went there to have a look.

The riding competitions caught my attention and I was impressed by how royal the riders looked. I even wondered if by some remote chance a young Prince Charles had entered our humble competition. He looked fine in his riding jacket and helmet.

The horse was brushed until he gleamed and his mane was braided. I was enthralled by the spectacle of this rider guiding his horse over barricades and around the ring to jump the various hurdles. The whole show made the Comox Valley feel like Buckingham Palace.

Riders work with their horses for years to train them and form a bond that leads to easy co-operation in the show. Discipline takes on new meaning in dressage.  I don’t know much about the rules of dressage competitions, but I know that the event was a real pleasure to watch.

Here are some photos from the Internet that relate to what I saw locally on a smaller scale.



I would go to another event like this in a heartbeat if it were held here again. Meanwhile, I will always wonder who lost this badge and where it has been for the last 41 years.


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24 thoughts on “Summer Games – Dressage

  1. Beautiful horse photo, Anneli! Maybe you could advertise somewhere that may get the attention of the owner. My daughter adores her horse and has recently won some serious competitions in the English riding style I think it’s called.

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    • I didn’t take those horse photos. That’s why I said they were Internet photos. They were supposed to be “free” as long as I don’t use them to make money. The horses are beautiful, for sure, and I won’t forget the pleasure I got from watching those riders and their horses in the dressage competition way back so many years ago. I had forgotten that your daughter is into horses. That is so cool!


    • I just read your comment again and realized you meant to advertise about whose volunteer badge it might be. You’re right, it would be interesting to know, but after 41 years….


  2. I know someone who’s going to love this post (Deborah, where are you???). I hope whoever earned this badge reads your post.


  3. I’d say you found a little treasure.

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  4. So odd to find the badge there! I don’t ride horses but I love watching dressage and also the cutting horses. Two very different competitions, but absolutely beautiful to see such teamwork and athleticism. Almost poetical.

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  5. At the time of this competition we were happy living on the Charlottes. It must be exciting to find such an old badge. It would be fun if this volunteer would be a reader at your blog!

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  6. What a great find and fabulous memory! I love horses.


  7. I’ve never been, but looks like an exciting and fun event.

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  8. What a surprise discovery, Anneli!

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    • It really was. Right in the bottom of the pile of wood that was delivered. It was dumped out with one of those utility trailers that can tip up, and I guess it slid out with all the firewood. I was really surprised when I saw the date on it, and even more surprised when I realized that in those three or four days of the games, I was there. It was the only time I’d been to them (they don’t come here every year), and I had just moved to the valley so I remembered it as something special.

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  9. I can imagine that you were transported to England for those few hours. I’ve never seen anything like that, but your photos are wonderful. And how interesting to find that old badge. Makes you wonder as it stirs memories. 🙂

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  10. Great story of lost and found with that old badge and even how it relates to you! I’ve watched dressage a few times at the Royal Hobart Show and it is very captivating how horse and rider work together.

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