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Figgy News


“Lookit! Lookit! The baby fig tree has a tiny fig on it. Do you think it tastes good?”

“What fig? Where? You mean that tiny green thing partway down the stem? Our ears are bigger than that fig!”

“Yeah, but it will grow!”

“I don’t want big ears!”

“No! I mean the fig will grow.”

“Oh good. Then can we eat it?”

Baby squirrels see baby figs,

Adding wonder to their digs.

On the tree, the new fruit grew,

Squirrel babes ponder, “Should we chew?”


“What if figs are not like nuts,

And don’t sit well in our guts?

Better stick to what we know,

If we want to thrive and grow.”

Author: wordsfromanneli

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34 thoughts on “Figgy News

  1. Aren’t these little guys ever so cute?
    Am glad your fig tree is growing and am keeping my fingers crossed wishing you good luck with it.

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  2. I hope those little cuties don’t eat your tree!

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  3. They are so sweet babies.and enjoying their meal.

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  4. They are cute little too things.
    I didn’t know fig trees grew here.

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  5. Your baby squirrels are adorable! I love the photo of the family. So sweet. Good luck with the fig tree!

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    • I’m hoping the fig tree will make it. It has survived a couple of hard winters. I bank up leaves and “stuff” to keep it warm so I hope it can manage now. First time it got fruit. Woohoo!


  6. Those little squirrels are so cute and the baby-fig tree looks cute too and so does the fig!

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  7. Another really beautiful wildlife photograph, Anneli! You know exactly when to press the button, don’t you?

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  8. These baby squirrels are so cute! Good luck with your fig tree. How great that you have one growing in your yard. I love figs.

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  9. I like the little baby squirrels. They are so cute and go together well with your poem, Anneli.

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  10. This was a wonderful spring post and so whimsical. Really enjoyed your poem, Anneli, I’m smiling as I type. I was just admiring an old fig tree yesterday, one day this one will be a big beauty.

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    • We don’t have them much around here. I only know of a few people who have fig trees. A friend gave me this one when it was very small and this is its first fruit – so very exciting! Thanks for coming to enjoy my post, Jet.

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  11. Checked my fig bush, it’s loaded with small figs. Happy Gardening

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  12. Your baby trio is just too adorable. Wonderful photo, Anneli. I hope you get to enjoy your fig before the critters get ahold of it. 🙂

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  13. Hey Miss Green Thumb. I’ve been thinking about emailing you. Gary found some plants growing under our bird feeder (we’ve since stopped feeding). He dug them up and replanted them in a planter. We think they might be sunflowers. I wondered if you knew what they looked like. Gary is getting to be a real green thumb himself. He’s got plants growing all around our house (a few are actually mine, but they are flowers, not veggies).

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