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Innocence Backfires


When Emma, our English field cocker spaniel, first went pheasant hunting, she just did what she was bred to do. She sniffed and snarfed until she found a pheasant scent, and she did it very well.

Later in the trailer, she found a stray pheasant feather, and another instinct of hers kicked in – that of eating whatever looked good.

She’s not too proud to get her picture taken with a feather stuck to her mouth and one ear flopped back. She’s confident we will love her anyway. Quite a humble innocent.

With most babies, every new item must be sniffed and if possible, eaten. Emma was no exception. She tried to eat the cord of the trailer’s electric heater when it was plugged in (luckily we caught her before she fried herself), she ate one of my brand new Birkenstocks,

and took her time working on a pair of slippers. (She doesn’t chew them now that she is all grown up, but she nibbles and nibbles over a long time, until there’s a substantial accumulation of damage.)

“Who? Me?”” she asks?

She’s not a puppy anymore and she doesn’t chew everything in sight, but she is still very focused on putting things in her mouth.

A friend of ours came over to help us out when our lawnmower broke down. He always brings dog biscuits as a treat for Emma, and this time was no exception. Emma got her dog cookie and followed the friend around the rest of the time he was here (as she always does).

Fast forward to the next morning when I took Emma out. Something reddish-orange caught my eye after she did her business.  Was it the piece of carrot I had given her? Surely she would have chewed it more. Was it blood? OMG! I hope she’s okay.

I got a stick and poked around in the little chocolate wedding cake she had dropped, and brought the reddish-orange thing into the house. I washed it off, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

It wasn’t a dog biscuit, but it was something our friend had brought with him (and apparently lost in the grass as he was trimming the edges). It’s about an inch long and is made of a rubbery foamy material. Yep! You guessed it. It was an earplug.

But what a funny one it was. See the one hair on its head? Then go about a third of the way down on the right-hand side. Do you see the happy face? (I didn’t put that on it.) I think this earplug was happy to see the light of day again after his journey through the bowels of a spaniel innocently looking for another dog biscuit.

I think in this case, the innocent pursuit of dog biscuits backfired on Emma.


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27 thoughts on “Innocence Backfires

  1. LOL, poor Emma! I’m glad that the earplug survived the dark journey. 😂

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  2. I really like those slippers (sans chew marks). I’m looking for a new pair as my Ugg go-aheads have died. I ordered My Slippers, but not sure I’ll like the fur. What kind are those? Maybe I can order them.

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  3. Even if she chewed and nibbled, she is still adorable and I love those fantastic doggie expressions: yes, I have your slipper in my mouth, but I know you love me to bits, so I’m not really in trouble. I’m glad the earplug passed through and lived to smile at regaining the daylight!

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  4. Sweet set of photos. Dogs will eat just about anything, eh 😏


  5. Did you tell your friend you’d return his earplug next time you see him? 😆 😝
    My friend had a boxer-mix that used to eat socks. He must’ve thrown up a dozen of them (at different times) in addition to a half dozen surgeries to remove the ones that didn’t come up! Thank goodness Emma’s little “treat” made it through the light end of the tunnel. 😏

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  6. Emma is the sweetest dog that I know, even if she does some “little” damages. I love to see her pictures from her childhood. Thanks for sharing. I am just so glad that the earplug didn´t go down her throat. Thanks for sharing this cute post!

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    • Well, it did go down her throat and right through to the other end. Maybe you meant to say you were glad it didn’t get into her lungs? Anyway, thanks for your nice comment. I know Emma would love to meet you.


  7. What a funny story. Lol. I really don’t like the puppy-chewing stage. Your slippers are a good demonstration of why. No matter how many chew toys you provide, pups just love shoes. And ear plugs, apparently. I’m glad it made the trip okay. 😀

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  8. OH my! She is a darling though! I have always had a thing for the English Field Cocker. They would likely be next choice of breed next to the English Setter. My first setter once ate parts of 4 different colored giant crayons…red being one of them….you can imagine my response when I discovered that, uh, wedding cake!

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    • LOL I can imagine that wedding cake surprise very well. I just hope our dogs have enough sense not to eat things that will make them sick. Our late springer ate half a mushroom once and was the sickest she’s ever been. Luckily, she survived, and since then I have been digging out every mushroom in our yard and getting rid of them.

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      • Haha ya my current I think has figured the eating things out. Knock on wood. The one that ate the crayons, she also….as a 7 or 8 week old puppy….somehow got into mushrooms when i wasn’t looking for like a second. I do think she got a touch high, but didn’t get sick. I think most of them have a knowing of what they can and can’t eat. But some miss that lesson!

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        • Luckily this English cocker doesn’t have an interest in mushrooms, but I still get rid of any I see. But she had to try that ear plug. I guess it had all that good earwax on it. The things that turn on a dog – go figure!

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