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Randolph Raccoon Roots Around


The Captain and I were having an afternoon coffee on our deck when Randolph came to visit. He’d been lurking around the yard late at night and usually disappeared in the wee hours of the morning. But lately he is getting braver about being seen in the glaring daylight hours.

He wasn’t too concerned about anything – even took time to scratch an itch.

He came right out in the open, looking for dandelions in the grass, and this explains his more frequent visits. Our grass is loaded in weeds. Definitely not a Scott’s Turfbuilder lawn. I don’t really mind him digging out the weeds to get at the roots or bugs, but I wish he would refill the holes.

Until now I had been blaming Bonnie and Benny Bunny for all the holes dug in our “lawn,” and they do their fair share of digging, but I saw Randolph in action this day, and knew I had to allow the bunnies some leniency. They are probably only guilty of digging a third of the holes in the yard.

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29 thoughts on “Randolph Raccoon Roots Around

  1. Den kann man leider nicht erziehen. 😂Jetzt musst du die Löcher selber zubuddeln.

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  2. He looks like a right bandit with that mask on, maybe he’s digging for pirate treasure!

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  3. He certainly looks well fed and I do like their masked faces. Too bad he doesn’t refill the holes he digs.

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  4. If it eats the dandelions, you can allow that I guess!

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  5. Are all the animals getting more brazen these days? We have a raccoon and a possum hanging around now too. 🙂 I love their dainty little hands. The holes… that’s kind of a pain, though it’s nice to get rid of the weeds!

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  6. Holes in the yard, we can take, as long as the critters stay away from our garden.

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  7. Caught! We have holes, but from moles. How brazen of this masked bandit.

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    • I think the rabbits do some digging too, but now that I’ve seen Randolph in action, he can’t fool me anymore. The brazenness is worrisome though. I don’t encourage raccoons to visit and I’m afraid of Emma getting into a confrontation. Raccoons can be quite vicious, even if they look cute.


  8. He looks so cute but the hole-digging is a pain. He should find himself another garden to dig!

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  9. Do the racoons get into your garden at all? How do you feel about letting Emma out in the yard if Randolph is around?

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    • Friends of ours put their little dog in the (home) kennel, not realizing a raccoon had made himself at home in the doghouse in that kennel. By the time they got the dog out of the kennel again, she was badly chewed up. They did what they could but weeks later she died. So I’m very nervous of dog and raccoon entanglements.

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      • OMG. Horrific story. I’ve heard similar ones regarding racoons, and I’ve always been worried about my dogs in that regard. We’ve never let any of them (Piezon, Max, Tre) out in the yard at night without us holding onto a leash. Thems racoons is naaaaaaasty (deliberate with the bad grammar).

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  10. I know that raccoons can be the mini-gangsters of the animal neighbourhood, but they are so cute. And, he does seem to be eating well – lots of dandelion roots to be had! Thanks for the video; I liked hearing all the birds in the background. Cheers.

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  11. Anneli, I worry about a nocturnal animal out and about in the day. Randolph is so cute, but…

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