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Father’s Day Flowers


One day a year we remember to honour our fathers. You may say, “My dad died years ago. I can forget about Father’s Day.” But don’t we owe it to our fathers to think of them for one day out of 365, even if they are no longer with us?

I understand that there are many unfortunate people out there who had a father that was less than ideal, but if we think hard, there is probably something in all our growing up years that is a good memory of him.

The bottom line is, without them, we would not be here.

Just in time for Father’s Day, my Oriental poppies opened up …

as well as one of my favourite irises …

to keep the old standard blue irises company.


Father, so proud of his children each day,

He will protect them in every way.

Sometimes he seems to be quite out of touch,

With things important, that matter so much.


Wait a few years and revisit the scene,

Often we see just how wrong we have been.

Fathers have been there and made those mistakes

That now his child out of stubbornness makes.


Sometimes old fashioned, and sometimes too stern,

Still he’s insistent that his child must learn,

Grow up with values so decent and right,

Though foolish children put up such a fight.


No, it’s not easy to parent a child,

Easier being too meek and too mild,

But it’s the strict laws that Father lays down

That make us thankful with smiles, not a frown.


If your dad’s with you, give thanks for his love,

Think how he kept your hand warm in his glove,

Caring, admiring, so proud of his child,

Little he knew just how much you ran wild.


Love unconditional, that’s what he gave,

In any danger, your life he would save,

Think of him kindly, and don’t criticize,

You did no wrong in his sweet, doting eyes.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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41 thoughts on “Father’s Day Flowers

  1. Wow Anneli, your blooms are so beautiful!!! ❤️😍🤩 My dad being 94, I hope he has many more father’s days ahead. ❤️🙏🏻✝️

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  2. That is beautiful, Anneli. I tend to think of my husband, not my Dad. What a good reminder.

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  3. Dear Anneli,

    Thank you for your lovely post commemorating our fathers.

    May we all enjoy celebrating this special day with our families and friends on Father’s Day!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Yours sincerely,

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  4. Happy Father´s Day to all fathers.
    Lovely flowers!

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  5. These are beautiful thoughts about our fathers and your flowers are gorgeous. They bring such joy. ❤

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  6. Lovely post for Father’s Day!

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  7. Great post, Anneli, and ever so beautiful flowers. 😊

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  8. Beautiful, Anneli. My M and I lost our dads long ago, but we had a lovely remembrance session of them last night. Cheers.

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    • Same here. The Captain and I haven’t had the benefit of our fathers’ wisdom for many years, but it doesn’t hurt to remember some of the good things they did for us. Thanks for your comment. I can really identify with it.

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  9. The line “Think how he kept your hand warm in his glove” really struck a chord 😊. Nice post!

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  10. Beautiful flowers and a wonderful poem to remember fathers.

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  11. A beautiful poem for fathers, Anneli. I love your flowers! Lovely to see the color. Now for the sunny skies of summer. 🙂

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  12. These flowers are so beautiful. My passed away years ago. Thanks for sharing Anita

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  13. Beautiful flowers, and tribute to our father’s who we celebrate much more frequently than Father’s Day. Memories , memories to cherish! Your log cabin quilt, drying outdoors, is a lovely eye full.

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  15. 19 years since I lost my beloved dad and this post truly spoke to me. Beautiful.

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