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Squirrel Talk


Lately, the squirrels have been noisier when they get fed. I don’t know what they’re saying to each other, but it seems as if they can’t stop talking. Didn’t their mother teach them not to talk with their mouth full? Be sure to have the sound on so you can hear their conversation.


It’s a funny spring this year,

Filberts, there are none, I hear.

Even fir cones haven’t grown,

Unlike other years I’ve known.


I’m so thankful for these seeds,

They will sure fulfill our needs,

You eat yours and I’ll eat mine,

Then we’ll get along just fine.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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39 thoughts on “Squirrel Talk

  1. How sweet is this! They are chattering like old ladies and this with their full mouth. I love those squirrels.

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  2. I had no idea squirrels were so noisy!

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  3. They are sweet. Maybe they like what you’re serving!

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    • They do! They like sunflower seeds (always not salted, of course), and when our trees have them, they eat the filberts (none this year) and the walnuts. Besides that they get their own food of fir cones and I’ve even seen them nibble on a dandelion leaf.

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  4. Sie sind jung und haben noch viel vor sich, sie müssen reden, damit Mutter ihnen erklärt, wie man am besten an Futter kommt 😍

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  5. Lovely story and poem about caring and getting along with one another!

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  6. Wow, they are really on about something! Sounds like a fist fight is about to happen. ❤️

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  7. While walking my dog, squirrel chatter drives him bonkers. When I played the video with the sound up, my dog started barking!

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  8. That is such a marvellous video. Lots and lots of busy chatting! Thanks for sharing it. I loved hearing the birds in the background, too. You have such a relaxed yard!

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  9. I love all the chatter!

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  10. Lovely to hear them chattering, happy chatter!, hopefully 😊

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  11. Ours do that too! I figure it’s a worried chirping that some other squirrel is going to take their food. You got a great recording of the sound. What a riot. Our little outdoor neighbors.

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  12. Cute little guys. Love that video!

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  13. Wow lovely video ! The squirrel are looking cute ! Well shared 🙂

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  14. I haven’t heard the sound of squirrels too often. It was wonderful to become reacquainted. I just might Anneli as our interpretor.

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  15. Squirrels are so entertaining as they go about their business. It would be good to know what they are saying. On one of our forest walks, I heard something go whizzing by my ear, then another and another. A squirrel was up in a Tamarack tree chucking down cones and I could swear he was aiming them at me. Happy Tuesday. Allan

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    • Right now it’s the time they are doing that around here too, harvesting fir cones. They loosen them and the cones drop onto the steel roof of our woodshed with a loud bang and bounce to the ground. Then the squirrels retrieve them and hide them all around the woodshed for later in the winter.

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