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The New Pool


It has been so hot that I thought the squirrels would appreciate having some water handy. An old dog dish works fine to hold water.

Dickie, son of Lincoln, spies it, and wonders what to do about it. He decides it must be a swimming pool and goes to put on his bathing suit.

What a gorgeous swimming pool,

Perfect in this heat,

Skinny dipping is the rule,

But I might just cheat.

Are you ready for my suit?

Now I’m feeling silly,

Don’t you laugh and shout and hoot,

Just because it’s frilly.


“Nah!” says Dickie.  He’s in doubt,

“Rather have a snack,

Maybe when no one’s about

I will sneak right back.”

“Oh, but look what goes below,

Grizzled and so hairy.

He’s much bigger, that I know,

So I must be wary.”

Maybe next time I will show you what Dickie saw. Meanwhile, why don’t you join him for lunch? Turn on your sound and tell me if you think he’s smacking his lips as he chews with his mouth open.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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42 thoughts on “The New Pool

  1. This is so cute, Anneli! It’s amazing how quickly he splits the seed open and gobbles it down. I didn’t hear any critter lip-smacking, but I can hear you breathing… 😂

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  2. Der schmatzt ganz schön 😂 Erst essen, danach baden und später schlafen.

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  3. How very sweet! I did hear a bit of lip smacking or was it snapping of the seed? Cute!

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  4. That is darling. The world’s first domesticated squirrel.

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  5. Such a cute video, Anneli! I think I can hear lip smacking, but it could be seed crunching, too. I’m looking forward to finding out what Dickie saw!

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  6. Wonderful photos and video of this little cutie!

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  8. They are such sweet critters, I love to watch them eating those seeds.
    But I think we won´t see them going for a swimm.

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  9. I can’t tell if he’s smacking his lips but he sure is persistent and in a hurry. 🙂

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  10. Great video, Anneli! I believe you were the kind soul that put the can with the sunflower seeds out for the squirrel to find it. Did also have a cool day with some rain yesterday?

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    • Cooler but not much rain. Just a sprinkle. As for being a kind soul … I don’t know. Today I wonder if I’m really losing my marbles. The squirrels spend a lot of early morning time high up in the fir trees knocking down the new cones. Then they run back and forth, collecting and stashing them. This morning I took a bucket and collected a lot of the cones they knocked down (as the squirrels were still up in the trees) and brought the cones to their place in the woodshed. They will take them from there. It will save them a lot of work. But I’m wondering if I’m getting bit too kooky in my old age. My excuse is there is less chance our spaniel will get the squirrels when they are on the ground gathering the cones.


      • Squirrels can be very annoying, especially when they pick our hazelnuts. One year, when we were camping at the Arrow Lake, the squirrels threw down pine cones onto our trailer roof at five o’clock in the morning. I am convinced that they did this on purpose, enjoying the loud bang they created.

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        • They do the same here. I haven’t had the benefit of our hazelnut trees for three years now. The squirrels only leave me the rotten hazelnuts. And I know exactly what you mean about the cones. They fall on our woodshed’s steel roof and I’m very familiar with the banging sounds in the early morning. Today I collected a bunch of cones they knocked down in another part of the yard and brought them to the woodshed. They are all gone already, stashed away somewhere.


  11. Great idea to put out some water, Anneli. I need to do the same. I was hoping he’d take a dip! I guess that’s not the squirrel way. 😀

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  12. Wonderful pictures

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  13. Thank goodness for the dog dish!

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  14. Yummy! Nothing beats lip smacking goodness. Anneli, thanks for sharing the video.

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