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Raccoon Invasion


It was quite dark when I took these pictures and then I tried to crop and lighten them somewhat so you could see the invasion of masked terrorists entering illegally.

They will take whatever they want: beetles, garden plants, and anything left over in bird feeders, or sunflower seeds that the squirrels missed.

Last week there were first four and then five raccoons. Now there are six! We are overrun with them. Will it ever end?


Carping and barking, we all go a-larking,

When daylight has faded enough.

Leaping and creeping, while folks are a-sleeping,

Avoiding a doggie’s rebuff.


Scratching the hatching of June bugs we’re catching,

We crunch up the meaty delight,

Smacking  and snacking, no flavour is lacking,

We chew every delicate bite.


Clicking and picking, the camera’s tricking

Our groupings to catch us at work,

Crashing and dashing we run from its flashing

Our family scatters berserk.


Mewling and fooling around can be grueling,

But masks will keep hidden our face.

Scowling and growling, we carry on prowling,

And hurry to find the next place.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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39 thoughts on “Raccoon Invasion

  1. Yikes. Nobody needs these trash pandas. My neighbour had a family of skunks move in under his step, a bit of a smelly situation. He was able to have them moved and then closed in the step. We also have a plague of feral bunnies in our area, but they seem to be mostly harmless if you can keep them out of your garden. Hope your invasion goes a away soon. Allan

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  2. What do you do about it?

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  3. Das ist ja wirklich eine Plage bei euch. Schlimm.

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  4. A fun poem! You may need to contact the proper authority to have some of them trapped and moved elsewhere, Anneli, if they keep coming in higher numbers.

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  5. It does sound like you’re being overrun. Your poem captures their personality nicely 😊

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  6. Hi Anneli, I found this website with suggestions for deterring them. https://regionalwildlifeservices.ca/raccoon-removal/top-ways-to-deter-and-get-rid-of-raccoons
    They can be really destructive, so I hope one of these suggestions will work for you. Cheers.

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    • Thanks, Lynette. I checked out the link and that would probably work for city people, but with all our very big fir trees, and so much shrubbery, I don’t think we’re going to deter them. Maybe the vinegar idea might work. We’ll see.

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  7. Holy Masked Racoons, Batman!

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  8. Wow! That’s scary. I had a few in the past visiting our deck looking for something to eat. But the emphasis is on FEW. What you experience is an invasion, Anneli.


  9. After I have seen what they did to our chickens, they look really ugly to me. I hope you can get rid of them soon.
    I like your poem.

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  10. Another fun set of pics and great poem. Thanks, Anneli!

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  11. Uncool…I’m sorry you have to deal with this Anneli. Here’s a few tips I read:

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  12. They are very strong creatures. We have many raccoons in our yard..got step back.

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  13. Wow. That’s a lot of invaders. I love your poem, the alliteration and rhyming are fabulous. A keeper.

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  14. Maybe you really need the pest control people to catch the raccoons and move them somewhere else.

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  15. That’s not good.
    I don’t know how quickly it would work here. I also don’t know if it would be the city animal control or a private company that would do it.

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  16. Four, five, six raccoons! I hope no more invitations have gone out to more of these masked invaders.

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