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Cloudy skies are welcome here,

Makes the heat wave less severe.

Look at this, it could be lunch,

If that guy can catch a bunch.

“How’s the fishing been today?”

Guy just stares with nought to say.

Looks like nothing in his creel.

Does he know the pain I feel?

“What? You had one, let it go?

I was wanting lunch, you know!”

Right! That’s it. I’m outta here,

Try to find another near.

I’ll find Joe, he’s down the shore,

How I hope he’s catching more.

Fisherman goes back to work,

Hoping soon his line will jerk.

PS I forgot to say these photos were taken by a friend on his cell phone.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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55 thoughts on “Opportunists

  1. What a wingspan! And what a lucky fisherman.


  2. Cute poem and great photo sequence. 😊

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  3. Such a beautiful bird, great photos Anneli! The captain is in deep, good luck.

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  4. The eagle is pretty comical hoping for some fish and so close to the fisherman. These are great!

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  5. Beautiful photos, and what a memorable day!

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  6. Kaum zu glauben, dass der Seeadler dem Menschen so nahe kommt. Eine tolle Bilderstory.

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  7. Wow. I got chill-bumps from these pics. I thought it was you that was that close to the eagle. Still impressive either way. It’s a symbol for a certain country, you know. Maybe that’s a good sign.


  8. Those shots are amazing (and great poem)! What a beautiful bird.

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  9. The eagle seems to ask Gary for a fish. Good shots from Pat and a very nice little poem to go with them.

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  10. Another “keeper.” Thanks, Anneli!

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  11. Amazing, Anneli, how close the captain could get. And really stunning pictures of that wonderful bird.

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  12. The eagles in your region are so used to humans that they allow such close encounters without flying away. Here in the wild territory of the Arrow Lakes, they are extremely wary and it seems they do not like to be photographed.

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  13. Anneliese..this eagle is a great poser.

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  14. Wow! beautiful lines with excellent photos. The eagle is looking cute! Well shared thanks πŸ‘

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  15. To be that close to a bald eagle must be the thrill of a lifetime. The photos are outstanding!

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  16. Wow! To be this close to a Bald Eagle . . . amazing. Anneli, your words create a refreshing story.

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  17. Wow. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen often. The eagle was probably looking for a handout. That’s one big bird! Thanks for sharing your friend’s photos and the fun poem. πŸ™‚

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  18. Well, I’m going to be different and comment on the first photo rather than the eagle – love the meadow under that moody sky πŸ™‚



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  20. Hi Anneli.. I’m finally blogging again. What a beautiful capture!

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  21. Great photos and clever verse!


  22. What amazing photos! So cool to be that close to an eagle. Wow.

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