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The Competition


It turns out that the hazelnut trees in my front yard had some nuts on them after all this year, although many fruit trees were nearly empty.

Under cover of darkness, the raccoons visit regularly, filling their boots with all they can eat. I’ve tried to lighten the photos so we can see the raccoons, but you may have to use your imagination a fair bit. The spot under the tree on the left is where the flashlight found the raccoons.

They get right up into the trees and knock down what they can.

Then they crack the nuts open with their sharp teeth. I find the shells in the morning. They don’t bother to clean up after themselves.

Over the next few days I frantically pick as many hazelnuts as I can. There is still plenty for the raccoons.  Today, two squirrels had a chattering spat in one of the nut trees just six feet away from me – probably telling me to scram.

“WHA-A-A-T?” says Dickie (Lincoln’s grandson). “Do you see what they’re doing? Get away from my hazelnuts! First the raccoons, and now the people!”

I’ve been robbed, I’m so upset.

All those nuts I’ve yet to get.

First those robbers with their masks,

Dedicated to their tasks.


Climbing up, they shake it all,

Causing all those nuts to fall.

Daylight comes, they run and hide,

Leaving shell bits far and wide.


Now it’s my turn, so I think,

But I can’t so much as blink

And the humans start to pick

Filling boxes quick, quick, quick.


Seems I have to pour on steam,

Get a buddy, make a team,

We can find enough for all,

Long as we work hard this fall.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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45 thoughts on “The Competition

  1. I love your poems, Anneli! Raccoons are not my favorite critter… But, they have to eat too! ❤️

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  2. Good story Anneli. Sounds like the battles that go on in my yard as the squirrels and blue jays battle over the acorns on my oak tree. Fun to watch, but what a mess on my lawn. A lot of clangers when I mow the lawn. Still, good wildlife viewing. Stay well. Allan

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  3. They are such adorable thieves!!!


  4. Lincoln’s grandson is adorable! And that looks like quite a nut haul. Raccoons are quite amazing for their resourcefulness, cooperation and ability to take advantage, but their personalities leave a lot to be desired and if I were you I would be worried about Emma too. Still, they are just doing what they can to live.

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  5. As I could see, you are also not empty-handed and did a good job on getting all those good looking nuts. I like your little poem a lot and the pictures too.


    • I was surprised at how many hazelnuts there were. I didn’t see much earlier in the spring, and I thought there was nothing just like most of the other fruit this year. Glad you liked the pics and poem. Thanks, Ursula.


  6. Wusste gar nicht, dass die Waschbären auch Nüsse fressen. Ein paar dürfen sie sicherlich, es ist bestimmt genug für alle da 😂

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  7. It appears you had a good harvest of nuts despite the robberies at night. While we have our problems here with squirrels, raccoons, and skunks, bears are the ones that instill fear. Yesterday I encountered a huge black bear in our yard.

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  8. Stiff competition for those nuts! It looks like plenty for everyone. Sweet poem too.

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  9. That’s quite a lot of hazelnuts you collected!

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  10. Wow! That’s a lot of work picking all of those. Though what a great treat.
    The squirrels are out in force here now. I can’t seem to calm Tre down when he sees them, even just out the window. He goes all frantic. I’m trying to figure out a way to allow him to see them but not feel the frantic need to go after them. He’s driving me nuts (accidental pun 😊)

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  11. Those nuts!!! I’m nutso for them. You know those mixes they sell at the grocery store? My whole life I’ve preferred the hazelnuts to the rest, with pecans and brazil nuts coming in a distant second.
    Your raccoons are adorable, especially from a distance.

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  12. I love how your nut trees benefit your whole “community.” I’m sure Dickie will stow away a good batch for the winter. The poem was adorable. 🙂

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  13. They definitely caught my attention…


  14. What an entertaining post, Anneli. Seeing the raccoon activity and their determination, and your beautiful garden. Fun poem and photos. And I am amazed at the huge yield on the hazelnuts!! You have all been busy enjoying these trees.

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    • I was surprised there were so many hazelnuts this year. I thought it was going to be a bust, as I didn’t see many signs of them earlier in the year. And since I did this post, I’ve collected half again as many nuts. Thanks for your visit, Jet.

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  15. These post brings smiles! Nature’s bounty waits to be harvested, and the competition will be intense. Thank goodness you have bigger containers than the critters.

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