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Nut Job


If I’m not already a nut job, then after doing this nut job, I will be one.

I had thought there were no hazelnuts on the trees this year but I was wrong. They were a bit late to develop, but they were quite prolific. When I saw that the raccoons and the squirrels were harvesting them, day (squirrels) and night (raccoons), I thought I’d better get in on the action. Looks like a little black cocker is also wanting to get in on the action.

I let the nuts sit out in the sun to dry out for a couple of weeks, and then, as the nights grew cooler I had to do something with the nuts or watch them go moldy. It’s not cold enough to make a fire in the woodstove so hanging the nuts in burlap bags by the fire was not an option.

I decided to crack them and put the nutmeat in ziplocs and freeze them. This way I can take out what I need to use for baking through the winter.

I tried them out in a batch of banana/blueberry/hazelnut muffins. Turned out quite good.



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34 thoughts on “Nut Job

  1. Das war aber mächtig viel Arbeit!


  2. I love all the pretty plants, Anneli! Don’t eat wild turkey… 😬

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  3. That looks like quite a haul. How nice to grow your own.


  4. Well, where is the muffin recipe? Patience to crack all those delicious filberts!!!!! More smiles, thank you Anneli.


    • I thought about putting the recipe in, but I made the muffins just the way my mother used to do her baking. She just threw the approximate ingredients into the pan and then went by the feel of it until it seemed right. I might be able to put it on here next time I make them if I make a note of the measurements of the ingredients.


      • Well then, I will take banana muffin recipe and add in blueberries and nuts, and thank you Anneli for the idea. I like blueberries and lemon cake also. Sad we didn’t get together again….We will be home early April and look forward to a get-together!!! Your friendship is a great big smile, xox

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  5. That’s a good crop! And I bet those muffins were tasty.

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  6. Now I know why you always have squirrels in your yard, they won´t die of hunger and you still have a lot of nuts leftover for your muffins and the granola.

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  7. Yummy! Great title, Anneli. 🙂

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  8. My wife recently collected nuts and gathered them with the help of the squirrels that threw them down from our giant wild hazelnut tree.

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  9. That’s a great harvest – I love hazelnuts and you now have plenty to get you through the winter 😉

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  10. I sure wish I lived near you. I would smell the baking from outside and “stop by” at that time.

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  11. Loved the title to this post! It definitely shares your festival of the hazelnut harvest.

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