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Too Many Branches


I took this picture from my back (second storey) deck to show how long the branches of the fir trees have become. They almost reach the house now. The philadelphus (mock orange), on the right, has also grown up high and dense.

tree trimming

Our friend offered to take down some of the big lower branches. I’ve blurred his face for his privacy. He did a great job of taking those huge limbs off, but see the photo below.Β  Dickie, the squirrel, was extremely upset.

He’s on top of the root of one of the fir trees, and we had to shoo him away so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Some of the branches that came down are pictured above, but a couple more huge ones joined them after I took this picture. Dickie came back to check on the progress and ended up hiding under the big ground-level canopy of branches.

Something crazy’s going on,

Men with noisy saws,

Gone, our quiet neighbourhood,

Must be some big cause.


One guy said, “They’re way too long,

Blocking out the light.”

Then the chain saw started up,

Gave me such a fright.


Horrible, the noise they made,

Chewing through the wood,

Branches crashing all around,

Near to where I stood.


Like flash I dashed away,

Running ’round the yard,

Now my skyway highway’s gone,

Travel will be hard.





Author: wordsfromanneli

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38 thoughts on “Too Many Branches

  1. That’s a lot of change for little Dickie, but he’s safe and in a very welcoming yard!

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  2. Poor Dickie. He will get used to it after a while. It looks much better with the sun hitting the ground.

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  3. Dear Anneli,
    you are lucky having a friend who could cut down these branches. We had to pay quite some money for cutting down big branches of our eucalyptus tree. We hate to work with our chain saw.
    Have a happy Sunday
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  4. Manchmal ist so ein Schnitt notwendig und Dicki wird sich bestimmt auf die Neuerungen einstellen πŸ€—

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  5. As beautiful as they are, those tree branches can get dangerous should they fall. We have a silver maple behind our deck that gives plenty of shade, but its going to need a trim next summer. Dickie is a very talented poet, by the way. πŸ™‚


  6. There was some needed by very extensive tree trimming done at my apartment complex a few weeks ago, and the disruption to the squirrels and birds was considerable. After a period of squabbling over territory as everyone sought a new home, things seem to have settled down, but every morning and night I watch one of “my” squirrels come running up the walk from a tree two buildings down to have his breakfast or dinner.

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    • They sure get used to their routines, just like people do. I’ve watched the squirrels run along the same major branch to access smaller ones over and over. They have their routes and we disrupted them. But they do find other ways. Smart little guys.

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  7. We had to have this done because of the storms this Februar and the year before, and now quite a few of our trees look very lopsided.

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  8. I know what you are talking about, Anneli. In 1976 there was a tiny wild hazelnut bush in our yard. We used it for setting up our badminton net. It has grown into a huge tree that is beginning to spread its branches over the roof of our house. They will need trimming very soon too.

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  9. The smell of those firs must be wonderful. Poor Dickie though 😏

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  10. You didn’t check with him before making renovations to his home? Big miss, girlfriend.

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  11. Oh, well, It had to be done.

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  12. Bitter-sweet post, Anneli. ❀

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  13. It really does make a wonderful difference when there’s more light coming in. Dickie will adjust. He’ll just need to climb a little higher. He can do it! πŸ™‚

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  14. I’ve been away from a chainsaw for many years so I guess I’ll enjoy the view with any other geezers. Yard clean-up will now be a breeze.

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