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The Calm


… before the storm.

The ducks all facing outward

Are waiting for their snack,

They find it in the shallows,

It makes their lips go smack.


The heron facing inward,

Has patience yet to spare,

He hopes to spear a morsel,

With no intent to share.


All take advantage of the last,

Relaxing stretch of peace,

They feel the system moving fast,

Soon comes the ugly beast.


Photo by Pat G.

The licorice scent of fennel wafts,

Along the last warm breeze,

A thousand seeds fly in the drafts,

To inundate with ease.

Ms. Barbara Beacham’s hollyhock,

Has found a home with me,

Although Ms. Beacham’s sent a shock,

And could no longer be.


Her lovely flowers bloom each year,

She sends her love that way,

I cherish her with thoughts so dear,

Much more than I can say.

A last sweet effort quickly made,

The berry patch is done,

No strawberries are left to raid,

Except for just this one.

And here it comes, the mighty beast,

So dark, this sunshine thief,

It brings much-needed rain at least,

To every plant’s relief.

It slaps the trees ferociously,

It whips the leaves around,

But they hang on tenaciously,

On hearing such a sound.

The wind is shivery at best,

Each leaf is hanging on,

They’re hoping to survive the test,

Until this breeze is gone.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

42 thoughts on “The Calm

  1. To find a ripe strawberry this time of the year is a rarity. Would you believe we are still harvesting cherry tomatoes from our garden?

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  2. I love the poem and photos, Anneli! You guys have a wonderful view there. Grab that strawberry and eat it before the crutters do. ☺️

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  3. The calm before the storm. Your poem and images paint the scene nicely.

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  4. I feel it in your poetry, Anneli–Winter is coming (to quote that infamous GoT).

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  5. Thanks for sharing your poem and images


  6. Beautiful images and poem


  7. A beautiful poem, Anneli, especially the part about the hollyhocks. We had quite a wind storm here today as well. I’m glad that you got some rain; we had a bit yesterday. So, so needed.


  8. I love your poem and the beautiful pictures and the impressive video and finaly the last strawberry. Eat this strawberry very slowly and enjoy it, it won´t get better!

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  9. Lovely, Anneli. I’m so not ready for winter! 🥶


  10. Sonne zum Erdbeeren reifen, gibt es bei uns genug. Es herrschen fast Sommertemperaturen.

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  11. A delightful tour with heartfelt emotions and images. Love your poems, Anneli!

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  12. Great images and imagery Anneli. Fall can amaze us with its beauty, but we know what is coming. Happy Friday. Allan

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  13. All in preparation for the upcoming season. Nature is magical.

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  14. I love the foreboding sky in your header. How beautiful and ominous. Then that wind, Anneli. Autumn turns from October to November with such drama in your neck of the woods. What a difference. Stay warm and cozy.

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  15. Beautiful poem and photos, Anneli. We’ve been in a drought so hope to get more rain this winter. But less daylight takes getting used to.

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  16. Lovely post, Anneli. Photos and words as always are captivating!


  17. Love this poem and the photos. That feeling of changing seasons makes me nostalgic even though I was just in “weather” in Salt Lake City and wanted to run home to Phoenix haha.

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  18. Well done Anneli! These verses remind us that there is encouraging resilience to experience throughout God’s creation.

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