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The Killing Wind



Sudden and merciless,

Descends with a force,




In the lee of the wind,

Near his source of food,

Hummingbird waits.



Filling every cranny,

Chilling and killing,

Bitter cold wind.


Snowy blasts roaring by,

Threatening small lives,

Take shelter quick.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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68 thoughts on “The Killing Wind

  1. Oh, das ist ja heftig und so viel Schnee 😯

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  2. So, winter has finally come to Vancouver Island! Light a fire, make a hot cup of something. Wrap up in a blanky and be comfy! ☺️

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  3. That really looks like a blast of a snowstorm: stay warm!

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  4. Beautiful! I always thought hummingbirds headed south for the winter. Who knew?

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  5. I remember how surprised I was when I learned that some birds can make it through even the worst conditions if they have food and water. At least one hummingbird has a chance!

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  6. Brrr it looks and sounds cold.! Do hummingbirds remain there all winter?

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  7. This is a very snowy day on Vancouver
    But no snow here in Halifax. Anita

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  8. Wow! That looks nasty – it could be the north except we don’t usually get wind like that. I heard that Van Island was going to get walloped. The poor little hummingbird! I hope he has a cubby somewhere to shelter from the weather.

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  9. Eek! Well, now I can’t complain about a 40 degree morning. Beautiful photos, Anneli!

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  10. I wondered where the cold came from. It continued south, dropping from 80 degrees yesterday afternoon to the 30s this morning. Too bad the beauty in the photos did not accompany the chill.

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  11. Wow, what a storm, Anneli! Poor critters outside. Your photos are beautiful and I love hummingbirds.

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  12. Oh burrrrr. If winter must arrive, I prefer the fluffy, glittery stuff floating down quietly, absorbing sound. No wind. My local news station showed your weather on the radar.

    An icy, windy burst of air arrived here today, but without the snow. I can hear the howling gusts against my windows as I type.

    Stay warm. 🧣

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  13. Wow! For a Vancouver Island location, you certainly had a lot of snow. Here in the Interior, it is awfully chilly. I am afraid winter came early this year.

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    • We’ve had very little rain and now this snow, so it’s not good for the water cycle on the island. Maybe it will warm up a bit and we’ll get tons of rain later on, but it has already been deadly on the salmon runs. Little to no water in the little rivers for them to spawn.


  14. The humming bird looks kind of cold by looking at the all fluffed up feathers. But I think he will make it through the Winter, they already adjusted to the cold during the last Winters. As long as you feed them, they all will make it, don´t worry so much!
    The pictures and the poem are very beautiful, looks like Christmas is around the corner.

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  15. Brrrrr. We have temps of 30 here with high winds, but no snow yet (yay!). I didn’t know hummingbirds even stayed around places that can threaten with snow. Our hummers leave by October 1. (Smart birds, for being so small). 🙂

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  16. When winter comes your way, Anneli, it isn’t messing around. That wind is ferocious. The poor hummingbird! What’s he doing up there so far north? Now you’ll need to put a heater in your shed to go with the gourmet food.

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  17. Do tell that Hummingbird found food. S/he’s stuck in my head, waiting…

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  18. Brrr… Thank goodness the hummingbird survived!


  19. Anneli, this post takes me straight back to experiencing Montana’s often brutal winters. Today in central Ohio, we haven’t seen too many snowflakes, but my Montana family is thick in the middle of a potentially long winter.

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    • There are so many abandoned homes in Montana, and it’s no wonder. Life is very tough there; blistering heat in the summer and Arctic blasts all winter. But those who stay are the real heroes. Very tough and resilient people. I admire them very much.


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