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Sudden Snow


Gone are green hillsides,

Gone, the green grass,

Kids love their sleigh rides,

Kids yell en masse.


Searching for food to eat,

Searching for shelter,

Birds by the feeder meet,

Birds helter skelter.

Snow covers all the ground,

Snow hides the seeds,

Trees with snow all around,

Trees, a bird needs.

Thrush trills a lonely song,

Thrush calls his friends,

Hoping they’ll come along,

Hoping snow ends.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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45 thoughts on “Sudden Snow

  1. Snow makes everything pretty….as long as you do not have to drive. We had some nice sunny blue skies today, still cold, but sunny. Have a great weekend Anneli. Allan

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  2. The image of cold, Anneli. Brr!

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  3. Your poem is a beautiful accompaniment to your photos. I hope your snow is gone soon. All the little ones can really do without that challenge.

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  4. You’re certainly getting your share of snow. Lovely shots!

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  5. Looks like Thrush sends his prayers to the weather god, asking for sunshine and warmth.
    I hope your snow is gone in a few days. It looks pretty but it only complicates our lives. Thanks for the nice little poem and the lovely picture of the Thrush.

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    • You’ve got it all figured out exactly right, Ursula. On Wednesday it’s supposed to start to rain and go on for at least four days. Every living thing that survives this snow will be glad of that.


  6. I’m grateful for the beautiful bird peeking out from under the branches, lifting my spirit.

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  7. Es ist Dezember, da ist Schnee nicht ungewöhnlich, auch wir hatten etwas Puderzucker.
    Was ist das für ein hübscher Vogel?

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  8. Since snow doesn’t fall around here, Anneli, your photos are beautiful and so are your words. But I’m sure it can get tiring, too, like your thoughts from the thrush.

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    • The snow is pretty, but that’s where it ends. It covers the food sources for most animals who live outdoors, and it makes it hard for them to stay warm or find shelter. Then when it melts and falls down in huge clumps, it can crush little birds who have hidden under the shrubs. It’s deadly stuff. I like to see it for about five minutes.


  9. I remember the year when one of our sons was bragging about playing golf in Victoria on Christmas Day. It looks like you got more snow than on other years on Vancouver Island.

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  10. This Thrush seems happy in the snow. Thanks for sharing your poem. Anita

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  11. Winter has arrived in your area, Anneli, and the perfect excuse for a snow-poem. Beautiful photos too, especially of the Thrush.

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  12. Gorgeous shots, Anneli! I particularly love the first one. Stay warm!

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  13. I’m shivering!!!! Is that a thrush? I never would have known it. He or she is so cute!!!

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  14. Beautiful photos, Anneli. I don’t mind a little bit of snow but am always happy when it changes to rain and starts to wash away.

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  15. Gorgeous photos, Anneli. The irony is that they bring warmth to my heart. ❤

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  16. Such a beautiful photo of the happy thrush and new snow.

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  17. Oh..Anneli, .your photos show so much snow and cold! It hasn’t snowed that much here in Germany, but it’s frosty. We have set up birdhouses in our garden, which are frequently visited. I love watching the cute robins. When sitting, they pull their heads in, tighten their wings and fluff up their feathers – the energy-saving ball is done.
    Have a wonderful day, Anneli!

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  18. With the arrival of winter’s snow, there is both nature’s beauty and hardships on display.

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