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A New Bird


About 100 ft. from my house stands a maple that has seen better days. The woodpeckers peck holes into the trunk, and it’s a wonder that the tree hasn’t lost more limbs in the recent windstorms.

Still, I love to see the woodpeckers, and I always have my camera handy for bird sightings. When I spotted this one on the maple this morning, I grabbed the camera and rushed out onto the deck to snap a photo. I closed the sliding door quietly.

“Please don’t fly away until I get a picture,” I whispered.

He didn’t fly away, so I snapped some more. Still he didn’t fly.

“This is great,” I thought. The squirrels were chattering noisily just then, and I assumed that the woodpecker hadn’t heard me tiptoeing out onto the deck.

But then I thought, “That’s strange. He should have flown by now. Or at least pecked at the bark. But he’s just sitting there. Maybe he’s sick.”

I brought the camera in and uploaded the photos onto the laptop. Then I could see the bird more clearly. I wasn’t sure what kind it was. Maybe not a pileated woodpecker, after all. He seemed to have morphed into something else.

A broken off branch surrounded by the maple’s tears?

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45 thoughts on “A New Bird

  1. This looks very strange. Maybe a bear wanted the sweet stuff and took a branch to get it in this hole and lick it. But then he couldnΒ΄t get it out??? LOL


  2. So funny! I love when nature plays tricks on us!!

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  3. That is something, Anneli.

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  4. Maybe you can tap some maple syrup from the tree? πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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  5. Oh, that is so typical of our visual perception! The mind says that the ambiguous shape is a woodpecker. Then by a psychological process still poorly understood, the object morphs into a woodpecker

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  6. I wondered what I was looking at too 😏

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  7. Ha ha ha….good one!

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  8. That is funny! But it seems to me that a woodpecker always announces his presence with a lot of noise!

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  9. In the first photo it definitely looks like a bird! I can easily see why you thought so. And your description – maple tears – so true.

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  10. Ha, that’s great. Not just me that gets taken in by odd branches looking like birds!

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  11. Quite a unique photo! Perhaps this ancient maple is more alive than anyone can see from the outside. It’s what’s inside the soul that really counts.

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  12. Isn’t it interesting when that happens? It’s a more grounded version of seeing shapes in the clouds. I wonder if it is sap rising, or something else.

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  13. This is too funny, but I was fooled too in that first photo. Our eyes and nature have a way of fooling us at times. Fun post, Anneli!

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  14. HAHAHAHAHAH. What an ending to this story!

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  15. From a distance, it looked like a bird to me too! So funny, Anneli. Great story. You must have been laughing like crazy. πŸ˜€

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  16. You had me going on this bird, Anneli. Great story and great accompanying photos.

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  17. Petrified woodpecker! πŸ˜‹

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  18. I hear you about trying to photograph these birds . . . they are so quick.

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  19. Haha πŸ™‚ Have had a few moments of excitement myself which turned to “…oh”. And one that went the other way, in Kenya years ago. I was looking out from the lodge balcony at an ‘antelope’ which suddenly turned round – and revealed itself as a large male lion.

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