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Windy Days


“Wow! Will ya look at the birdfeeders swinging sideways!

And what gives with all the birds making themselves at home in MY home?

There must be a hundred of them parked in all the entrances to my hidey-holes in the woodshed. Zoom on in and look at the pieces of wood. Nearly every piece is occupied.

Oh, well. They’re just trying to get out of the wind too. I suppose I can always sneak in the back door if need be.”



Grab a bite of seeds to eat,

Head for cover quick.

Hope the gusts will not unseat,

Gripping tight’s the trick.

Every chunk of wood is used,

As a ledge to sit,

With this wind we’re so abused,

Flying branches hit.

Siskin! Better hang on tight,

To that swaying feed,

Hope that you will be all right,

And no help you’ll need.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

42 thoughts on “Windy Days

  1. That’s very windy. I hope all your little denizens don’t blow away! Great poem, Anneli. Cheers.

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  2. I love the photo of the birds in the woodpile. It reminded me of our winters, when Great Blue Herons and a variety of other birds often take up residence on downwind swim platforms on boats. A nice, big boat can serve as a reasonable windblock.

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  3. Thats windy enough for flying squirrels. I expect the winds will only pick up as spring approaches. Birds and squirrels best hold on tight. Happy Friday Anneli. Allan

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  4. I love this–refuge in the storm. How wonderful for the critters.

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  5. Your poem vividly describes that you have been through some stormy weather.

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  6. So you have a windstorm this morning too! Gusts to 65mph are possible down here today. It’s amazing that the bird is hanging on to the feeder! Weeee! 😂❤️

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  7. That’s quite the gathering of these little guys, they must form quite a chorus!

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  8. I had to zoom in to see all those birds. It’s wonderful that they have a place to hide from the wind. Clever birds!

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  9. Those are smart birds, Anneli, pretty amazing!

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  10. Thanks for sharing this poem ..hope all goes well with stormy weather.

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  11. The picture of the little birds in- and on the woodpile is so cute. That´s a good shelter from the stormy weather. I like your poem.

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  12. I’m glad I don’t have to eat with my food swinging in the wind!

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  13. That’s interesting how the birds made use of the wood piles and more to ride out the wind!

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  14. Animals know a good home, in many ways. It’s more than the wood pile. You are the lucky one, Anneli.

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  15. Great photos, you caught the birds doing their thing during the wind! Nice poem, too.:-)

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  16. We’ve experienced more wind here in recent days. It feels like it’s blowing off of a far-off glacier. Some days I feel like I’m back in Montana’s wind tunnel between Livingston and Big Timber. Anneli, your poem and photos warm me up on another chilly morning.


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