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Pancho the Parrot


Pancho the parrot’s a bird with two lives,

A town bird, and yet, in the jungle he thrives.

His base in the cafe is safe in a storm,

But in the wild jungle he flies in fine form.

Customers interest him, tourists abound,

Mama Lupita is glad he’s around,

Guests love to see him and come back for more,

Internet clients pour in through the door.

Pancho the parrot has seen many things,

He wonders if this hand might have shiny rings.

If it comes closer, he’ll give it a nip,

It might be such fun just to hear that man yip.

Bored with his perch at the cyber cafe,

He flies to the jungle to have a buffet.

A mango, banana, papaya, or lime,

He knows where to find fruits that taste so sublime.

Daylight is fading, and Pancho is tired,

Morning is gone when he felt so inspired,

Time to return to the cyber cafe,

Lupita is hoping that he is okay.

Watching and waiting as daylight grows dim,

She prays every day, nothing’s happened to him.

He flies from the wire and lands on her hand,

As bird mothers go, she’s the best in the land.


He grips her hand tightly, and she does the same,

Holding his toes as she whispers his name.

“My Pancho, I love you, let’s get in the car,

We’ll drive home and get those good seeds from the jar.”


PS.  I believe Pancho is a lilac-crowned parrot.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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49 thoughts on “Pancho the Parrot

  1. Oh, what a sweet story!

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  2. Amazing post
    What a delightful story about Pancho the parrot! It’s heartwarming to see how much Mama Lupita cares for him and their special bond.
    A Walsh

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  3. How wonderful in every way! Love the poem and the birdie and the story.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and poem. How wonderful that he comes back every evening.

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  5. What a heartwarming story this is. And the poem is so pretty, love it!

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  6. Fun story, Anneli. Thanks for the excellent photos and reminder of past travels.

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  7. Such a nice story, Anneli – birds know what they’re doing!

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  8. What a big, beautiful bird and a great poem!

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  9. What a wonderful bird and poem!

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  10. Pancho is one lucky parrot to have a foot in both worlds. Thanks for sharing Anneli. Allan

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  11. Pancho is a beauty! ❤️

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  12. What a story. I was on the edge of my seat.


  13. What a nice poem, Anneli and beautiful photos of Pancho.

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    • If only I’d had my newer camera then. But at the time I wasn’t thinking of doing a blog post and poem about Pancho. Have a nice weekend, Carol. I’ve been wondering how your new novel is coming.


      • My new novel should be out soon. It took along time because Anita required a money order and I had to do it twice. One for the beginning and then one for the end, which cost me an extra $20 and the money exchange to US. It took about a week each time for the money order to get to her. Anyway, I will be very happy to have you write a review of the book once it is out. I will let you know. Thanks, Anneli.

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  14. What fun verse to honor Pancho and his bond with Mama Lupita.

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  15. A wonderful tale, and equally wonderful photos. There used to be a chandlery here whose owner had a parrot like this. He stayed on a perch outside the store, sometimes in a cage and sometimes not. Every once in a while, some silly human would ask, “Polly want a cracker?” and the parrot would respond, “H***, no!”

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  16. What a great poem/story, Anneli. Have you met Pancho in person?


  17. What a lovely poem and photos of a people-loving bird!

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  18. Wonderful poem, Anneli, and Pancho is beautiful! My sister has 5 huge parrots, and one of them, Blaze, resembles Pancho. They’re beautiful birds.

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  19. What a fun story, connection of love and trust. Gold Stars🌟 worthy!

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  20. Thanks for sharing this idea. Anita


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