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Drumming Up Business


This flicker likes my chimney. It’s a perfect drum for establishing territory, possibly for protecting nearby nesting areas. She was here doing the same thing a year ago. How do I know it’s a “she”? The male red-shafted flickers have a red moustache slash. The females do not.

She hears another flicker and answers the call and then drums to assert her right to the territory.



And speaking of drumming up business, please visit my other blog site, annelisplace for everything related to books, reading, and writing. https://annelisplace.wordpress.com/2023/03/28/say-youll-come/

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25 thoughts on “Drumming Up Business

  1. This is so fun, what a drummer! ❤️

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  2. How fun for both of you, Annelise.

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  3. Too cute Anneli. All we have here is a group of crows who clank around on our chimney cap and flashing. We did have a Northern flicker once who liked to climb our stucco. Birds are so interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  4. It must get pretty noisy this time of year!

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  5. I have at least one woodpecker that’s shown up at my place now — a Red-headed one. I’m not sure if it’s male or female, or if there’s a mate around. But it’s been interesting to see it working over the palm trees. I thought that was odd, but a friend in Florida says they also seek insects on palm trees there. In some ways it might be more efficient, since palms have bark that is lighter, and sometimes flakes.

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  6. These drummers can get quite annoying around here. They drilled many holes into my wife’s art cabin in the backyard. But I cannot deny that they are pretty.

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  7. Flickers are marvellous! I used to see them a lot when I had bird feeders. Thanks for sharing your recording.

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  8. I like this video and the “music”. Birds can be so much fun to watch.
    Thanks for sharing.


  9. How fun and I love the video, Anneli. Skilled drummers, for sure. And I’ll visit your other blog too.

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  10. I remember staying in a cabin in Jasper years ago and having flickers chattering away outside. Woodpeckers of all sorts have such loud voices! Very cool to see (or hear) though.

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  11. How interesting! Anneli, I didn’t know you had another site. Headed over there now.

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  12. Every spring, I look forward to hearing familiar songbirds.

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