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Quentin Quail Is Alive and Well


Remember Quentin, sole survivor of a flock of over forty quails that used to wander through the yard? It has been a few years since the flock has dwindled due to predators, chemical lawns, and habitat encroachment.

Quentin has been lonely, coming each spring to look for what he must have thought was a kindred spirit looking back at him through the window by our front door.

It has been a brutal winter. Really brutal. I thought for sure Quentin did not survive this one.

What a surprise I had when I saw him  at our front door, trying in vain to look through the smudged glass for his reflection buddy.

I take no responsibility for the messy window. It’s all Emma’s fault. Whenever the Captain leaves in his truck, Emma runs to the window to watch him leave and her spaniel noseprints are forever on the bottom part of the window.

So, sorry, Quentin, you are out of luck if you had hoped to see anything in the window.

He flies up onto the railing to think about it. He saw his lady love in that very window last year but she didn’t want to come out to play. Now she’s not even there. What to do?

Quentin turns to face me as I take his picture, showing off a perfect white collar that frames his face.

But I have no answers for him in his quest for a mate.

“I might as well go look elsewhere,” he mutters. “Maybe I’ll grab a few seeds from under the birdfeeder first, but what a downer. I was sure she’d be here.”

“You’d think she’d wait for me by the window. I know she lives in there. (Sigh….) Well, maybe after dinner … or tomorrow morning….”

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40 thoughts on “Quentin Quail Is Alive and Well

  1. So exciting to hear Quail on the trails. We used to have large groups of Quail. The neighbourhood raccoons ate the eggs out of the neit’s and the kitty cats killed them. Plus the building boom removed much of their habitat. So thank you for posting this lonely sentinel, Quentin the Quail.

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  2. Oh my this tugged on my heartstrings, beautiful story.

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  3. He or she is a cutie! I just looked up the California Quail, they look exactly the same. I see them occasionally on my bike rides! ❤️

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  4. It’s nice to know he made it through the winter. Handsome bird (one I’ve never seen).


  5. It’s so sad that he’s all alone. Poor Quentin. And sad that his environment has been so affected. I saw many, many quail in Penticton over the last couple of weeks. It’s too bad that we can’t relocate little Quentin and give him an easy life after his tough winter. I saw the city putting out raccoon traps all over the parks last week (I think they’re used for cats too as the city captures them and spays or neuters them).

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    • I remember seeing lots of quail when we lived in Penticton many years ago. Good to know they’re still there. And yes, I’d love to put a postage stamp on Quentin’s eye and put him in the mailbox, addressed to Penticton.

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  6. Quentin Quail is a real Queuetie. Hope he finds a mate and they set up house. As to the dirty window, been there shot through that. Terrible time of year to photograph through your windows. Allan

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  7. Poor Quentin, you should drive through your Island and find a mate for him. If you find a good looking female, catch it and bring it into your yard. I feel so sorry for him to be such a lonley Quail.
    Good luck!


  8. Such beautiful shots Anneli!

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  9. Such a lovely tale of Quentin.

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  10. If I’ve learned anything from beginning to watch birds, it’s how amazingly tough they can be. I’m so glad Quentin’s back, although it is sad to think of him alone. On the other hand, every year we have a Coot or two that don’t leave when the rest of their flock migrates. I always wonder if they’re lonely, but apparently they’re just different. They’re uninjured and apparently quite healthy; they seem to simply prefer a different life.

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  11. Poor Quentin. I felt really sad for him, being alone and lonely, his reflection his only friend. I hope he finds a lady quail this year. What female can resist that little feather sticking out of his head? ❤

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  12. I’m glad he’s back, but sad that he’s alone. That photo of him with his little white collar is perfect. He’s so cute.

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  14. That is heart-breaking, Anneli. Wash the window!

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  15. Oh, this is such a sad story. I know how sentimental quail are. Ours mate for life. And I love how the dads always take up the rear of the line of the family to protect the babies from predators. We have fewer than we did before, too, and I think it is because we have all these bobcats now.

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  16. I do remember! Your heart must be very heavy. Nature’s animals are very good at survival, so I hope Quentin finds a mate.

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  17. Quentin is definitely a hardy Quail. I feel his loneliness when I see a lonely goose without a mate.

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