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Dinner Guests


Hanging feeders for the birds,

I had not expected herds,

Bandits coming in the night,

Gobbling food with all their might.

Table manners, not so good,

Faces masked, but without hood,

Swinging on the feeder tube,

Like a common country rube.


One sat on the table top,

One beneath ate what might drop.

Cleaning up left over scraps,

Without worries about traps.


To watch the video, you have to be very quick. It’s only about 4 seconds long. You may have to replay it a few times to see the top raccoon stuffing his face, with the feeder at an angle so the seeds fall out better, and the other raccoon sitting underneath him, cleaning up.

I should be thankful that they clean up after themselves.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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33 thoughts on “Dinner Guests

  1. I’ve had a similar problem only mine is very bold. He just stood there and stared at me after he had taken my bird feeder completely apart. I discovered that they don’t like safflower seed but the birds love it.

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  2. Racoons have no shame for their behaviour. Its like they see you watching them do bad stuff and look at you as if to say “What??” Happy Tuesday Anneli. Allan

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  3. I have never been a fan of coons. 😬

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  4. I don’t have a feeder and I’ve only see them in the wild. I guess they’ll travel a bit for an easy meal.

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    • The ones in our neighbourhood are residents and don’t go far. There is enough shrubbery and plenty of tall trees so they can be safe during the day. We are semi-rural, but getting more “citified” all the time (unfortunately).

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  5. Raccoons are, without a doubt, very cute, smart, destructive and determined. I found that they weren’t good with the very light tube feeders.

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  6. I hate racoons, they killed a lot of our chickens back on the Charlottes.


  7. I loved your poem, Anneli. The video displayed on a large monitor gave a good glimpse of the little critter. Too cute.

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  8. I love your poem, Anneli, and even though raccoons are cute, they have a mean streak. We used to have them here in the backyard years ago, but we haven’t seen any lately. Fine with me. 🙂

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  9. Oh my! They can be pains. But they are cute. The other night one walked behind the house and I had to text my son not to let his dog out there!

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  10. I saw so many raccoons in our backyard..they ate all of these grapes in my yard last year. Anita

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  11. I do love them. I used to keep them away from the bird feeders by putting out some deer corn for them. The birds wouldn’t touch it, the raccoons loved it, and peace prevailed in the valley. (Besides that, my birdseed bill went down considerably. Deer corn’s cheap.)

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  12. Looks like the racoons have been scouting your bird feeder. Probably waiting for days, maybe weeks for you to hang the feeders. “Finally, she’s done it. It’s party time!”

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  13. Oh my! The masked bandits return. Where there are two, more may be hiding in the shadows. Sounds like a plot for a short story.

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  14. They are into everything!

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