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Mystery Beetle


It’s really bugging me, but does anyone know what this beetle is called?

Is it maybe Buprestis aurulenta? Or?

It was lying dead on my deck. I’m on Vancouver Island, so if you want to check it out the I.D. of the beetle, you’ll have an idea of the area where this bug was found.

The greenish-blue colours of the wings are gorgeous, as is the coppery underbelly. What an amazing outfit it’s wearing.

I welcome any suggestions if anyone knows what it is.

It’s about a little over an inch long.

What do you think it might be?

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32 thoughts on “Mystery Beetle

  1. As far as I can tell with a quick search for beetles on Vancouver Island, the bug could be a Jewel Beetle.


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  2. My PictureThis app, which has expanded from flowers to trees, insects, birds, and such, also identified it as Buprestis aurulenta. Do you use BugGuide? Once I have a tentative ID, I often send a photo over to those fine folks for confirmation. They can be a little slow, but there are a lot of experts who volunteer time, and with insects it’s more satisfying than iNaturalist (at least, in my experience).

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  3. I think this is the guy you are looking for Anneli. Allan https://bugguide.net/node/view/772735/bgimage


  4. Not a clue, but it’s pretty enough for a cameo in my next book.

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  5. DID YOU GET THE NAME ? We have had these beauty bugs since 1990’s when we moved to Island.

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  6. Initially, I found it challenging to differentiate between Buprestis intricata and Buprestis aurulenta due to their resembling body shapes and metallic coloration. However, examining the elytron or wing covers closely has helped me confirm that it is Buprestis aurulenta. Buprestis aurulenta displays 5 widely spaced ridges on each elytron, whereas Buprestis intricata has about 10 ridges on each elytron. BTW, Buprestis aurulenta is a type of beetle that is known for its beautiful metallic coloration, so it’s a shame to see it in this state. If you have a way to dispose of the beetle, it might be best to do so.


  7. Not sure, Anneli, but it’s beautiful.

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  8. What a beauty! I love the metallic colors in this little guy.

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  9. Very exotic looking beetle and very beautiful as well.


  10. What a stunningly beautiful little creature – photographed with your usual care and ability. Most of the time we’re too ‘busy’ to be aware of the wonders like this whose world we share. We flick them off the backs of our hands without a second look.

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  11. When it comes to bugs – I’m out! But it looks like you got your answer. That color is amazing. For a bug, that is. 😉

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  12. Anneli, it seems like you got your answer from the comments. All I can add is that it’s really pretty and Jewel beetle suits it beautifully. ❤

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  13. Interesting! However, my knowledge of bugs is rather limited. Nature enjoys surprising us once in awhile.

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