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Golden-Crowned Sparrow


The sun came out today. It was a big deal. The golden-crowned sparrows decided that it was time for their spring bath.

“So who’s in first?”

“Oh no! Don’t start with that ‘Who’s on first?’ thing again!”

“I’ll go in,” says Gordie, “and I’ll test the depth and make sure it’s safe for you, Goldie.  Ahh … yes, it feels so good. Just look at those droplets flying. Lovely! Come on in, Goldie.”

“I’m in, Gordie, but I’m not so sure I like where the droplets are flying. Have you no consideration for others? Stop splashing me. You’re getting me all wet.” Goldie sighs. “Ohhhhh, I’m getting out!”

“Aw … I’m sorry Goldie.”

“Nope! She’s not in a forgiving mood. Sheesh!  Worried about getting wet in the bath. Go figure!”

“You didn’t have to take offense right away. Hmpf! SO … sensitive!”

“Never mind, Gordie. You just go ahead and enjoy that bath ALL by yourself. I’ll just wait here on the post while you do your thing.”

“Oh, what the heck! I’m gonna go for it. Here I go. Bluddle-uddle-uddle-uddle-um-dum-dum.”

“Well, he got that right,” Goldie whispers under her breath. “The last part. The Dum-dum part.”

“Meh! I don’t care what she says, folks. Turn on your sound and watch this short video of me having my bath – with the whole tub to myself!”

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27 thoughts on “Golden-Crowned Sparrow

  1. That’s a real cutie Anneli. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this sparrow. Happy Monday. Allan

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  2. I love this, Anneli, so cute and sweet! 🥰☺️


  3. Thank you for including the video! I love it and smiled all the way through and then once more! Your little golden-crowned sparrows are adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We also have sparrows, all kinds of them, almost everyone looks different. They are so sweet and I love watching them bathing. The pictures are just beautiful, as always. And I also like their conversation a lot

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  5. One of my favourite sparrows! Love their song.

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  6. Very cute. Looks like you might’ve had some sunshine.

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  7. I love watching birds bathe. They so clearly enjoy it, whether it’s cute little sparrows like yours, or bigger birds like our herons and egrets. I didn’t realize the big birds would treat a pond or slough just like your bird bath, and get after it!

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  8. Sweet sparrows. A new variety to me.


  9. Gordie sure did enjoy his bath. The video was great. And I liked the sound effects: “Bluddle-uddle-uddle-uddle-um-dum-dum.” Lol

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  10. Now when I’m waiting in line at the carwash, I will appreciate others who are also waiting for a simple bath.

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