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Internet Dating


Once again, inspired by David Kanigan’s blog about Wally’s Great Adventures, I wanted to share Emma’s reaction. Please click on the link to see Wally’s pitch for a girlfriend. He’s so cute. I think he’s trying to show how tough he can be, and I must say Emma was impressed.

Emma must have thought I was looking for an Internet friend for her. When she heard Wally’s barking and saw him cavorting on the bed she naturally thought it was pillow talk.

She told me it was the best dating app she’d ever seen, and asked if I had Wally’s number.

She wouldn’t let up until I told her that Wally wasn’t interested in dating an “older woman.” He was just a baby and she was wasting her time pining for him.

It was hard on her, and I had to give her an extra treat to make her feel better.

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28 thoughts on “Internet Dating

  1. So good! Still smiling. Thanks Anneli.

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  2. I could cry, this picture is so sweeeeeet!


  3. Adorable! Sorry, Emma…

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  4. I can see how smitten Emma is. She is all keyed up. Thanks for the cuteness factor Anneli. Allan

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  5. Love the image, Anneli!

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  6. Is there a bigger word than ‘cute’ for this? Great post.

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  7. This is so cute! Love it. ❤️ Reading Internet Dating, I was instantly reminded of how I met wife number three via Internet.

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  8. Haha. So cute. Poor Emma. Can she see the screen? Tre is the first dog I ever had who actually can see and watch the television screen. He’ll sit and watch youtube videos of dogs playing for quite some time (we have a smart TV where we can download apps like youtube, etc).
    Thanks for the chuckle.

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    • Yes, she saw the screen and heard Wally. She would have liked to crawl right up into the monitor. I once had a cat who watched a TV show where a bird sat on a branch. When the bird flew away, the cat ran behind the TV to see where it had gone.

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  9. I was surprised when I learned there’s tv and video programming for cats and dogs, but this is another bit of proof that they certainly do pay attention. Just tell Emma that a treat in the hand is worth an image on the screen!

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  10. Ah, Emma, online dating can be very frustrating. Don’t give up! You’ve got to find someone your own age but then again, wasn’t the extra treat worth the rejection? xxx

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  11. How some of the best relationships hook up! I can attest to the fact that even humans can follow through.

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