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Sharing the Yard


I’ve seen the squirrels’ hiding place,

Beneath this pile of logs,

They stash their nuts and cones in there,

While watching out for dogs.

It’s not that Emma eats their food,

She’s picky what she eats,

But squirrels are safer for the fence,

So they won’t be her treats.

I think I smell some hazelnuts,

Still buried under here,

If I could find a few of them,

I’d be a ‘coon of cheer.

But there’s that snooping dog again,

Alerting everyone,

Time for me to take a hike,

And come back later on.

You’ve heard of cowards turning tail,

They show their other end,

I’m not a chicken, but I just

Have no more time to spend.


Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

43 thoughts on “Sharing the Yard

  1. Raccoons can be nasty. They don’t come around here as often as by you, but I don’t like them to at all.

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  2. Coons are very mean critters, be careful, Anneli. I’m surprised to see this one out and about in daylight. Emma is so cute! 🥰

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  3. Bravo!!

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  4. This is wonderful! Made me smile.

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  5. Nature is a marvel Anneli. We only have to take the time to look. Hope your day is going well. Allan

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  6. Brilliant! Love the flow of this. I used to have a dog named Emma too. 😊

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    • Thanks, Michelle. Emma is popular these days but each Emma is special. A lady down the road from here named her dog Emma and called her Em when she wanted her to come. She also used to clap her hands four times to get the dog to come, rather than scream or blow whistles and disturb everyone, so I tried to follow her lead and it works great (except I call mine Emma – not

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  7. I do love the raccoons, although I don’t have pets to worry about when they’re around. They’re clever as can be, and cute, but it’s true that when they set their raccoon minds on something, there’s little that will dissuade them. I never would corner one, or attempt to take action against one, without having several backup plans and some help!

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  8. I’ve only seen raccoons at a distance. They might be nasty close to home but they sure are photogenic. Sweet poem.

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  9. That’s a great poem and your video is a great capture, too. Raccoons are so smart, but very aggressive. Best to keep cute little Emma inside.

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    • We really keep an eye on her, and she is never let out to run loose in our yard at night, but now these raccoons are getting brazen and visiting us in the daytime. I don’t like it and will have to be extra vigilant. But thanks, Lynette. Glad you liked the poem and video.

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      • Raccoons can be difficult to dissuade from entering your yard. My dad used to shoot at them with an air rifle (this was many years ago; he lived just outside Victoria) if they came into his yard during the day. I don’t think he ever hit one (or intended to) but the noise tended to scare them off. I used to roll my eyes and tease him about being a bored retiree, but the raccoons were sometimes a serious problem. One time they got into his garden shed and really made a mess in there.

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  10. I hope your dog is safe from these creatures.

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  11. Very good pictures and a nice poem. I hate racoons, they can be very dangerous for Emma.

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  12. I hope Emma stays safe, Anneli. I love your poem, and your photos and video are amazing. As cute as raccoons are, they can be mean.

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  13. Such a fun poem, Anneli!

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  14. Raccoons can definitely cause trouble. We had them up in densely populated New Jersey and they used to pry open our metal trash cans and dump all the contents out.

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  15. Love walk through your yard, Anneli. I love the curiosity in your dog’s face.

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  16. We love sharing our yard too, Anneli, and little by little everyone gets names. Lol. We have Friskey, Chipper, and Rocky so far.

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