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Fawn Finding


“Come on, kids,” the mother lows,

“Sniff the herbs now, use your nose.”

“Right in here’s a lovely place,

Duck right in and hide your face.”

“Wait!” says Junior, “I can see,

Some delicious weeds for me.”

“Okay, now I’m lying down,

Are you sure I won’t be found?”

“Rosemary, oregano, 

Fennel too, oh what a show.”

“Look at me, beneath the leaves,

How oregano deceives.”

“Did you think I disappeared?

Scared you, Mom, I know you feared.”

“Now you only see my tush,

Hiding ‘neath the beauty bush.”

Tiny sister on the ground,

If she’s still she won’t be found.

Where’d she go, that little tease?

Camo colours, if you please.

“Here I am,” she flicks an ear,

Sage and lavender are near.

“All right, come on out, you two,

Weeds between the grass to chew.


“We’re quite safe now, don’t you fear,

No more danger over here.”



Note* These pictures are from several years ago, but at this time of year, when the fawns are born.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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41 thoughts on “Fawn Finding

  1. Such a cutie. Nice to see the little ones. Thanks for sharing Anneli. Allan

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  2. It’s amazing how completely they can disappear into the foliage. Even though I knew they were in some of these photos, it took a few seconds to find them.

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  3. They are all so cute! Great photos, Anneli. ❤️☺️

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  4. They are adorable and I love your poem!!!

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  5. I didn’t see the little guy in the one photo. Nature is clever.

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  6. Fantastic furry friends & fotos! Love the poem too.

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  7. Such gentle looking animals and they do blend in well, luckily. Sweet poem.

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  8. What a lovely story accompanied by photos.

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  9. They are so adorably cute! I never tire of seeing deer and their little ones. Thanks for sharing your photos and cute poem, Anneli.

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  10. Cute poem to go with the pictures of those sweet little bambis and their mom. I also like your herb garden.


  11. Such a beautiful post, Anneli…


  12. These fawns are so sweet and so is their mother. I would love to lounge around in that herb garden as well. I’ll bet the scent is amazing. Lovely post to view with my coffee this morning.

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  13. Your photos are beautiful, Anneli. Those fawns are so cute and loved your poem too.

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  14. Anneli, this is wonderful! Perfect poetry with the photos.

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  15. Such a cutie. Great images. Anita

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  16. So beautiful. I’d love to have fawns resting in my garden … as long as they don’t eat all my kale! Gorgeous photos.

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  17. Anneli, I appreciate the narrative as well as the photos. It is amazing how fawns can lie quietly in the camouflaged foliage. A few days ago, I came upon a young doe on the trail at a nearby nature park. She just froze and pretended that she was quite invisible. I stood as quietly as possible. My eyes searched the brush along the trail, and I discovered a mature buck with his short antlers in velvet. Eventually both disappeared deeper into the brush.

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