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Rules of the Road

Being yourself, being natural, is, for the most part, a good thing. But like anything, there are degrees of what is acceptable or sensible. Nudity, for example; it’s natural, accepted in places like nude beaches and nudist colonies, but in the busy downtown shopping area, not so much. It is sensible in that the cost of clothing goes way down, and it’s convenient for swimming, but then when the sun comes out it’s not so sensible to fry your unprotected skin and turn into a lobster, or to get frostbite in the winter.

So it is with breastfeeding. Sure it’s natural, but it’s not always practical or socially accepted in all situations. Difficult to do while riding a bicycle, not a good idea while driving a car. If using a cell phone is distracting, I’d say breastfeeding while driving also qualifies.

Even if you’re not driving, but just crossing the road with the kids, it’s not the ideal place to stop and breastfeed them. It’s just not a good idea.

That’s what this mother was doing as I came upon them in my car. While I grabbed my paparazza camera to get some good breast shots for the next  Playgirls in the Wild magazine, the mom came to her senses and told the kids to scram.

“Follow me,” she said, trotting down the road. Now where was that opening into the bushes?

She ducked in, yelling over her shoulder, “Come on, kids! Don’t just stand there gawking!  Hurry up and get in here, or you’ll get shot! Didn’t you see the camera in that predator’s hands?”

“All right, all right. What’s the big deal?” the more foolish of the two drawled as he swaggered off the road.

There’s always one in the family who has attitude. Let’s hope it never bites him.


Shooting Bucks

One year, my husband went on a fall deer hunting trip. He would be away for a week to ten days. I would keep the “home fires burning” since deer hunting holds absolutely no interest for me.

I would rather make sure they had enough to eat, and maybe steal a little petting time while they were busy eating. In the summer the deer were coming into the yard often, looking for a handout. Since there was nothing except the neighbourhood geraniums to eat,  I supplemented their food a little. These are city deer with no place else to go, so I figured the rules are different about not feeding wildlife. Below is a late summer photo. One buck still has velvet on his antlers, but the one I’m patting on the neck has shed his.



The fawns felt right at home in the little island of trees below my sundeck, so I put water out for them for those hot days.img686


In the fall, the bucks came for their handout often, until it was the start of hunting season. Somehow they knew, and they made fewer appearances like the one below. You can see that the velvet is gone from their antlers.


 Shortly after that, the bucks disappeared, maybe to chase the does and maybe to evade the hunters.

My husband called me from his hunting camp. “No luck this time. Sorry. You’ll be glad to hear I didn’t shoot a buck this year.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “I shot a nice big one right here in the yard … with my camera.”

And here he is.

visiting buck