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American Paint Takes a Nap

“Is that a rock or a horse lying down out there?” the Captain asked.

I zoomed in with my camera for a better look. “I think it’s a horse.”

“Get your camera ready and I’ll whistle. If it’s a rock, it won’t move.”

Up came the head just enough for me to know it wasn’t a rock.

“What’re YOU looking at?” it seemed to say.


“What’s up? I was having such a good nap.”dscn6956

“Oh bother. Now I have to get up and make sure I don’t miss anything. It could be people with carrots.”dscn6957

“Stretch those legs. First to the back….”dscn6958“Then to the front….”
dscn6959“Oh phooey! No carrots. Just another tourist with a camera.”dscn6960

“Guess I’ll just have to eat ‘wee-heehee-heeds,'”dscn6975


Running Away

I want to tell the animals out here, “Please, don’t run away. I only want to get your picture,” but they don’t trust me. I guess they’ve learned that the hard way at times. Perhaps being so elusive makes them a treasure to see at all.

I love seeing pronghorn antelopes but when I do, they’re always far away and they don’t stick around very long to pose for pictures. Hence these hurried snaps of faraway pronghorn who left immediately after saying, “Cheese,” for the camera.

See Mrs. Pronghorn below.


Mr. Pronghorn looks at me suspiciously and leaves.


This pheasant had been hiding in the grass about five feet in front of me as I stood by the truck wondering what to take a picture of. I guess I made him a little too nervous when I didn’t leave soon enough. He jumped up and slapped his wings. I was so startled I thought I’d have a heart attack.


The only animals who didn’t run away from me were these American paint horses.


I think they’re waiting to see what tomorrow brings.