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Toasty Coasties


We’ve been warned for a week or two that  north winds are coming to give us one last icy kiss before we waltz into spring. What a blow to us west coasters who are mostly used to (relatively) warmer temperatures and wind and rain.

The night before the chill was to hit,  our one sunny day disappeared as our prevailing southeast winds brought in more rain clouds. It almost had me doubting the weatherman’s prediction.

But overnight, the skies cleared and the stars sparkled like crystals over frosty lawns.

The next day the clouds moved in again, but this time from the north. They sat heavily on the hills, waiting for night when the sneak attack was to occur.

Sure enough, in the wee hours of the morning,  a biting cold wind blew flakes in every direction. Some flakes even spiraled upwards as if to undo the snowfall. A coat of white fluff barely covered the ground, but more is on the way.

I rushed out to refill the birdfeeders and put suet out for the fussier birds. When I went out onto the deck later to take this picture, the birds scattered into the shrubs, and I was too chilled to stand there waiting for them to return.

Across the street, my neighbours’ lovely willow is calling for spring, but with this ugly turn of events, the fuzzy buds are lucky to have a fur coat. They’ll need it to weather the chilly week ahead.


So  it seems that no one in Canada, not even this Toasty Coasty, is escaping the deep freeze  after all.

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30 thoughts on “Toasty Coasties

  1. We had our deep freeze last week, Anneli. Thankfully, we’ve had a warming trend that will continue all week. No doubt, another freeze will hit us. Stay warm!

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  2. Hope the cold doesn’t last too long. Stay warm.

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  3. It’s a tough winter for everyone this year! I love the term toasty coasties, I’ve never heard it before.

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  4. Whoa! You get a pretty short winter. Love seeing the buds on the bushes and trees.

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  5. The pussy willows always make me smile. I remember the feel of them — so silky and soft! It’s always up and down in these seasonal changes, isn’t it? We’re warm now, but another front’s on the way. It will go on for a while longer, and then? Spring!

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  6. Join the club! Amazing Polar vortex cold pummeled America’s Midwest, including central Ohio. Two days of intense windchills followed by biggest snowstorm in a few years.

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  7. Again you seem to be passing the weather on down here… but about an octave lower.

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  8. My husband is in Penticton right now (our home) and it’s -11. Very cold for there! (Here it’s -33, so no difference, polar wind or not!) Have some hot chocolate and try to stay warm. 🙂

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  9. How can you even say that word Spring. We are snowed in right now. I hope this white stuff disapears very soon!

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  10. About time you joined the rest of us in this frigid fun. Love the photos…

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  11. No one will escape it, it seems. We even got a dusting of snow. Stay toasty. 🙂

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  12. With brrrr there is beauty. Lovely photos, Anneli.

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