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First the Work and Then the Play


It’s that time of year again when the troller needs to be given a facelift and the whole nine yards of a spa treatment. The “spa” is a marine ways near Campbell River. After you make the nail-biting trip up the river a little way, you steer into a  passageway that has most likely been dredged out just to make sure you don’t hit bottom.

On either side of this passageway, are walkways heavily reinforced to hold the weight of a travel lift carrying a boat weighing many tons.

The Work:

Here is the travel lift that lifted the troller Eden Lake out of the water about ten days ago. While the boat sat on the parking lot, propped up on either side with braces, the Captain slaved to power wash the boat’s hull, and cooling pipes. He replaced the bars of zinc as they have been “eaten” by electrolysis. Fresh bars are put on each year to divert the electrolysis from destroying the metal cooling pipes and the propeller.

The top of the hull is sanded and repainted. The gum wood (trim and railings, etc.) is coated with Cetol. The bottom of the hull is painted with anti-fouling paint to make the wood unpalatable to any marine life that wants to make its home there.

When the boat is all clean and shiny, it’s ready to be put back in the water. The travel lift puts the belts under the boat and carries it back to the water. It drives along the two walkways until the boat is suspended over the water and then it is gradually lowered back down where it belongs.

And off it goes, all tiddled up.

The Play:

Sometimes the boat skippers hire help for this grueling work. Even women can do this job (rather well, I might add). If you want to read about a good-looking woman who found romance after working on a troller  — and no, I’m not talking about Yours Truly — why not download the free novel “The Wind Weeps”? If you enjoy it and would like to read the sequel, it would cost you a big $2.99 to buy Reckoning Tide.  The books are available on all amazon sites, as well as on smashwords.com (for those who have e-readers other than Kindle).  Why not give these books a try? You might like them a lot.

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17 thoughts on “First the Work and Then the Play

  1. Is it really that time of year already? Gosh, time flies. This was such an interesting post, Anneli.

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  2. Love these posts (and your books) partly because I learn so much and mostly because they are great stories.

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  3. I could easily put myself in my character’s shoes because, like Andrea, I had to learn all these things from scratch too.


  4. So much work goes into preparing for the season ahead. Interesting to read about.

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  5. What a difference it is in between before- and after all the TLC! The vessel is now a beauty again.

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  6. As soon as I began to read this I thought of your book The Wind Weeps. I hope your readers take advantage of this offer – it’s a really good book! Oh, and your photos are great here.

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  7. What an interesting post, Anneli. The photos are outstanding.

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  8. Fascinating description and photos about the Eden Lake’s facelift, Anneli. That travel lift is very cool, and the boat is truly handsome. I admire the devotion and tenacity you and the Captain have for keeping the boat in good order, now you can play. yay.

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