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Robin’s Breakfast


Hi Anneli! I see you up there on the deck. Thanks for scaring that crow away. I’ve lived to see another day and it looks like it will be a good one too.

I’ve learned to hide better.

I’m thinking of eating one of these holly berries. Do you think they taste good?

Oh, I see a good one.

But these prickly leaves are bugging me. They’re poking right into my fluffy feathers.

I think I’ll go for it. They look good, and red is my favourite colour.

Oh, you should have told me they were sour!

I suppose I’ll get used to them. At least I can feed myself these berries. I’m tired of having  my mother cram everything down my throat.

And anyway, I’m sitting on a goldmine of berries here.

Yes, life is good.

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27 thoughts on “Robin’s Breakfast

  1. What a cute series of photos (and your accompanying story) I love robins! Thanks for this cheery post. 🙂

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  2. Great pictures and a nice little story!

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  3. What a cute little nugget!

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  4. Cute! That little one has found a good place in which to live.

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    • Yes, it’s nice and thick in that bunch of trees. I just hope he can avoid the crows. We saw another victim being flown off with yesterday. It really makes me mad because crows will eat anything. They don’t have to have robins.


  5. Stepping outside in the morning and seeing the Robins in the yard is a wonder. How are they escaping the raucous crows every morning? They start at daybreak, marauding the forest birds.

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  6. Such a sweet post! Love the photos and the new hiding place. Let’s hope this one will be safe long enough to ward off the crows and other predators.

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  7. I simply LOVE your picture stories! 🙂 Keep them coming!

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  8. Cute and great pictures.

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  9. I love seeing the baby robins especially when they co-operate with my picture taking.


  10. Your posts bring a smile to my face. 🙂

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  11. I’ve yet to see a robin chick. Nice series!

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  12. Thanks, Belinda, but is that because they don’t nest near where you are or is it because their mortality rate is so high?


  13. Wonderful, Anneli!

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  14. Enjoyed the juvenile robin’s thoughts here, Anneli, thanks for putting a big smile on my face. Great photos too.

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