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Rocky Times


This part of the beach is very much to Emma’s liking. Sand is easier to run on than rocks.

Farther along, some giant hurled a handful of rocks onto the beach, to the north …

and to the south.

A closer look at some of them make me suspect that over thousands (maybe millions?) of years, some clumps of sand hardened into rocks like the one below. It’s a temporary resting place for the baby rock on its back, or maybe it’s on his face….

Do you see the face in this rock? A big slash for a mouth above the chin; a smooshed up nose; two puffy eyes; a scar that goes from his left eye to the right corner of his mouth; and a wart on his left cheek.

Yes, the maple leaf tells us we are in Canada. I’ll let you speculate what it means that the leaf is upside down just now. ( I didn’t touch it! That’s just the way it is.)

I must learn to be more like the old barnacles on the rock by the end of the maple leaf stem, and hang in there. Time marches on and things change. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. Maybe the next tide will flip the leaf over.


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26 thoughts on “Rocky Times

  1. Yes, I see the face in the rock. I’m seeing a profile with puffy cheeks. 🙂

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  2. French Bulldog comes to mind! Nice photos.

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  3. When I visited the old Soviet Union, their most popular beaches were rocky and pebbly. Didn’t make sense there but I understand it better through your images.

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    • I guess it depends on what you want from a beach. If you want to fry your skin by lying on the sand, a rocky beach isn’t the best choice, but for interesting things to see, rocky beaches are great.


  4. Love the idea of some giant casting those boulders as pebbles across the beach!

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  5. A whimsical post! Yes, I saw a face, but admit I needed you to point it out first!

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  6. There is nothing nicer than taking long walks on the beach! I used to collect many things, like wood which looked like a little old man, glass balls (I still have many of them in all sizes) and just pretty stones (I took some of them to Europe). After you pointed it out I’ve seen the face too. It’s a very ugly one. Thanks for the lovely post!

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  7. Interesting photos! I also saw that face right away, and as Dawn said “French Bulldog” comes to mind. Very cute. Walking on the rocky beaches can be very hard on your feet and especially your ankles. I can understand Emma wanting to run on the sand rather than the rocks. Ouch!

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  8. I envy you those beaches. Nothing like walking on a sandy beach by the water’s edge. Nice photos!

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  9. I see two faces in the rock. One is in the center area, and the other is the entire rock, with the center area as the nose. Great post and photos, Anneli!

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  10. Yes, a face it is. For me it looks a bit angular like a Star Wars character.

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