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Squirrel Worries


You know I’m very partial to my friend Lincoln. Today the Captain called to me. “Lincoln’s right here in the tree by the woodshed. Bring your camera.”

I snapped a few pictures and it wasn’t until I uploaded them and had a closer (zoomed in) look that I saw the injuries to Lincoln’s arm and hip. I feel terrible to think he is suffering.

At first I thought he might have hurt his arm on a sharp branch, but then I saw the cut on his hip. It looks more like a claw or tooth or a beak might have done that.

In my previous post I mentioned the little animals that are hurt/killed in wildfires (unimaginable that human lives are also lost at times). I can’t see a wildfire image on TV without thinking about all the animals that succumb to the fire.

Even this little “owie” that Lincoln has, hurts me to think about. I hope he has a lot of hazelnuts stashed away and that he doesn’t feel cold or hungry while he’s mending.

I wish that I could capture him and take him to a vet,

Then take him home and put him in a tiny little bed.

I’d cover him with cedar boughs, a pillow made of down,

Some water in a walnut shell, a hazelnut so round.


I’d watch him and make sure his arm is healing as it should,

I’d have to stop him if he wanted to escape into the wood.

He’d soon be feeling well enough, and beat a quick retreat.

To scamper up and down the firs, and then his friends he’d meet.


“My Lincoln, dear,” his mom will say, “you worried me so much,

I’m overjoyed to have you back, to talk to you and touch.”

“I wasn’t being bad this time,” my Lincoln would explain.

“But something scratched and bit my arm, and gave me quite some pain.”


“Now don’t you worry, Mamakins, I’ll soon feel right as rain,

I’ll listen to you carefully, I won’t get bit again,

I’ll be more watchful after this, I promise to be good,

And I’ll stay close beside you in this lovely neighbourhood.”



Author: wordsfromanneli

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25 thoughts on “Squirrel Worries

  1. Tough little buggers – he’ll be alright 🙂


  2. Awww. Poor Lincoln! Yes, I hope he feels better soon, as that does look bad.

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  3. He’s a sweet little fellow. I hope he recovers quickly!

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  4. Poor Lincoln!
    My son and his girlfriend took in baby squirrels, twice! One was pretty aggressive. After they grew big enough to avoid the neighborhood dogs, they let them go and they scampered into the wild!

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  5. I know what you mean. When one our cats isn’t well, I feel bad too.

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  6. Oh man, you just gave me squirrel-feels for the poor little guy!

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  7. Poor Lincoln. I wonder if some sharp talons punctured him but he managed to escape from that grasp. If he is sitting up in the tree and munching on snacks, he will likely be alright. If it was really serious, he’d probably be curled up, hiding in a hollow somewhere. Hope he gets better soon, poor baby.

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  8. Poor Lincoln! I feel exactly the same when I see an animal hurt or suffering Anneli. I just want to make it better. Thankfully Ruby hasn’t yet caught a squirrel despite trying very hard! And seeing all the wild fires on the news currently breaks my heart to think of the poor creatures in the fire’s path, as well as the humans of course. Fingers crossed Lincoln recovers. I enjoyed your poem 😊

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  9. Poor Lincoln! I hope he revovers quick. Didin´t you take a picture of him? I loved your poem lot!

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  10. I checked again and now the picture of the poor thing was there. I guess it took a while till the picture came on. Looks bad, but he will survive.

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  11. Poor baby. I know there’s been devastating bushfires in the US. We are in the grips of them on the eastern seaboard here right now. You’re right, the cost in animal life is horrific. And the injuries sustained are devastatingly painful for them. It is suspected that the already at risk koala population of NSW will not recover after these fires.

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  12. It would be a tragedy to lose the koalas. Poor things. I suppose some species can outrun or “outfly” the fires, but koalas wouldn’t be able to move that fast. Those fires are getting worse every year in North America. I don’t know about Australia, but we are hearing about them right now. Terrible thing. Let’s hope they can get the fires under control and save enough animals to survive another fire season. Always nice to hear from you, Raili, and get your perspective.


  13. Poor Lincoln. I hope he knows how much you care! We rescued a baby squirrel that had fallen from its nest … eyes not even open yet. ‘Arnie’, named by my sons, lived with us in the house for quite a while and was a beloved pet with a big personality. We eventually took him to a rescue centre (I was going to be teaching full time and felt badly about leaving him alone so much) where he gradually rejoined his forest family. So even when those often pesky critters raid the bird feeders or eat tulips, I still have fond memories.

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