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Brave or Foolish?


Mother merganser had her hands full. Her brood was something to be proud of, but the full-time babysitting was nerve-racking to say the least. It was especially bad when one (there is always one!) had to march to his own drum.

“I just saw a little fish go by. See him there, just under the surface? He flipped me the fin and said, ‘Bite me!’ So I thought, ‘Why not? It’s what mergansers do.'”

“Seems he got away, but wait a minute. Where’s my mother?”

And yikes! Look who’s giving me the hairy eyeball.

“Muh – muh – muh – mu-u-u-u-um! Help!”

“Oh whew! Those people in the boat scared the eagle away. Wait up, Mom! … What’s that? I should stick with the group?  But, er … I was … just trying to catch us a fish.”


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29 thoughts on “Brave or Foolish?

  1. 🙂
    As usual, your picture story makes me smile. Thanks!

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  2. These photos, too!!! These furry guys! And the eagle! I love your wildlife. I’ll trade you three scorpions and one coyote and a rattlesnake and a family of 4 javelinas for just a couple of your guys.

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  3. Aw… That is precious. Were those duck chirps? Which you understood perfectly? I think so.

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  4. I’m glad the baby found momma!!

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  5. What a sweet story and wonderful pictures! Thanks, you made my day!!!

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  6. That’s quite the brood. Glad the stray duckling made it back. Nice shots too!

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  7. What a treat to see the whole family! They are so sweet. To answer your question, I’d say BRAVE until the eagle arrived. Ha ha ha. Good photos, Anneli. Beautiful scenery as well.

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  8. Haha. Yup, there’s always one. This is so clever and cute!

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  9. Awww. Birds seem like nervous wrecks in this season. Alarm calls and chattering all over the place. It seems particularly bad for songbirds just after they leave the nest and the parents are trying to keep them safe until they can fly.

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    • That’s so true of our own backyard as well. I hadn’t really thought about it as a collective thing (as I type, three crows flew by – baby killers) but it’s true – so many species all raising young at the same time. Baby robins and towhees and chickadees, peeping like mad for mothers to “Wait up!” calling “Where are you?!” Some will make it; some (unfortunately) won’t. We’re thankful for the ones that do.


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