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Marlie is a good person. Maybe a bit naive…. A young teacher newly arrived in the Queen Charlotte Islands, she has a lot to learn. The rough island life tests her survival skills both physically and socially. She is surprised that with the beauty of the islands come hidden and unexpected dangers.


Here is a short excerpt from “Marlie” :

She pulled over to the side of the gas station after she gassed up, and made the call. At the pumps Brent was leaning his shoulder into the side of his truck, staring off into space as he held the nozzle in the gas tank. The profile of his face was perfect—manly, but fine. His blue checkered work shirt had a tear in the elbow. Jeans were dirty and smeared with dried blood—from the deer, she presumed. She sure hoped that was what the blood was from. How was she to know? She’d only just met him. His canvas vest had lots of pockets, more practical than fashionable. Seemed like islanders tended to be that way. Kodiak boots half unlaced told her he must have walked a lot today and maybe his feet were sore. Fancy, he was not.

It would have been great if she had been nicer to Brent, but as luck would have it, she chose instead a man who would get her into serious trouble. You will be shocked at how Marlie’s trusting nature is turned against her. Rough island life is about to get much rougher. When she most needs a friend, she realizes that she knows very few people in this new setting. She’s on her own.

If you like page-turner stories of love, adventure, and danger, why not download “Marlie”? It is available on all amazon outlets for Kindle and paperback, and on smashwords.com and nook.com (Barnes and Noble) for all formats of e-readers.

 Find Marlie here:   amazon.com

 and here: amazon.ca

Available in paperback as well.

To find out more, visit my website at http://www.anneli-purchase.com

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28 thoughts on “Marlie

  1. Sounds like a great page-turner, Anneli. Congratulations on writing and publishing this book, and best wishes on continued sales.

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  2. Thanks, Jet. I enjoyed writing this book as it reminded me of our time living there. The story is fiction, but the background is just as I remember it.


  3. I enjoyed this book, Anneli. I’m pretty sure I posted a review…it’s hard to keep up with all of my writing friends!

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  4. Yes, you did, Jill, and I appreciate it very much.


  5. Oh my. Trouble ahead for Marlie. This sounds excellent, Anneli.

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  6. I just downloaded it on my Kindle, Anneli. I look forward to reading it.


  7. Sounds like trouble with a capital B!
    Congrats on your new book!

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  8. I loved to read this book, it is a real page turner!

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  9. So amazing to see your name on the Book Cover. Makes me proud to know you. Congratulations Anneli.

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  10. This definitely sounds like a page turner! Congratulations, Anneli!

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  11. I really liked this book, Anneli. You write so well with setting AND character.

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  12. A great read, Anneli. This was the first of your books that I read and I still remember it. Great share. 🙂

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  13. This book was definitely a page turner. I loved it, and all the scenery described throughout the novel. Wonderful book to cozy up with, but make sure you have snacks nearby because you won’t put it down until you are done.

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