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Golden-crowned Sparrow


Sadly, this golden-crowned sparrow is no longer with us. He hit one of my recently cleaned windows yesterday, and reminded me why I had put off cleaning them for so long. He looked so lifelike when I found him in a planter beside the front door, so I thought he deserved to be remembered as he might have been only moments before. I propped him up to sit on the snapdragon stem.

He has dirt on his beak and his feathers are a bit scruffy from his fall into the dirt, but he still looks beautiful to me, except that he’s not alive anymore. I feel really bad when I lose a bird on my windows.

Golden-crowned sparrows have a mournful song, and today I had the distinct feeling that his friends were looking for him.

If you listen to this very short video clip, you’ll hear his friends calling for him, saying, “Where are you? … I’m so alone.”

I heard that awful sound again,

A bird has hit the window pane.

Emma perked up at the sound,

Barked and stood up, looked around.


On the landing it was clear,

No dead birds, not far, not near.

Maybe he survived, I thought,

Just a headache he has got.


Later as I watered flowers,

Wanting to avoid the showers,

I looked down to place my feet,

When I saw this bird so sweet.


Feeling faint, I lifted him,

Knowing that his chance was slim,

Broken-hearted, I could see,

No more would he sing for me.


Beautiful, he looked in life,

Wonder if he had a wife,

Soon I heard her calling sweet,

Hoping that her love she’d meet.


One last perch upon a stem,

Such a beauty, such a gem,

As his soul wings high above

We’ll remember him with love.

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33 thoughts on “Golden-crowned Sparrow

  1. Awww, this is so sad. They just don’t know any better do they, the last one that did this at my place is resting in my backyard under the wood chips. 😔

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  2. That is so sad, Anneli. I am so glad you gave him a worthy funeral.

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  3. Very sad. Your poem touched my heart, it is a beautiful poem!

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  4. It’s a harsh sound when it happens, and it is a heart-breaking discovery. I appreciated your tribute here, Anneli. There are many things you can do to avoid the birds’ broken necks. Move your feeders farther away from the windows, or put decals or tape on the windows. Installing something to show the bird the window is present is important. There are things you can hang that you can then take down in the winter. Here is a link to a list of suggestions that might be helpful. https://www.worldbirds.org/how-to-stop-birds-from-flying-into-windows/

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  5. How awful. I’ve heard that decals when spaced tightly can avoid some collisions. Not sure though…

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  6. That’s so sad. You gave him a happy home and a comfortable final resting place, Anneli.

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  7. I hate that. It’s heartbreaking, and your poem is a lovely tribute to the little guy. In my previous home I had a number of large windows, so I put up the red bird silhouettes. They seemed to help.

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  8. Aww… R.I.P. little sparrow.

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  9. When I hear the plaintive cry of a bird looking for its mate, I get so sorrowful. Yes, birds definitely call for each other. I sit out on our front porch early in the morning and listen to them – watch them fly toward and around each other. And when we put new suet out in the back, the birds joyfully cry out “Hey, Bud, come on over – it’s a feast here!” Rest in peace, little sparrow.

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    • I know what you mean. It’s heartbreaking. I heard a mother flicker calling for its young one that was just taken by a merlin. I did a post on it way back when…. I do prefer the sound of the birds calling each other to the birdfeeder.


  10. We’ve heard that awful sounds a lot here, too, and sometimes found dazed or even dead birds after that. But lately, after we put some decals on the windows, we haven’t had any “bump” any more, even if those decals are nearly see-through. We barely see them unless we look specifically for them. We’re really happy with the effect.
    I thinks ours are these [https://is.gd/39sX49] or at least quite like them. Even way less visible to the human eye than in the pictures on that website.

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  11. So touching and sad, Anneli. This happens at our house on occasion too. You gave me a good reason not to clean my windows. And the song is beautiful. We have those squawking stellar jays yakking at us all day. Lovely poem.

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  12. Oh this is sad. 😥 I’m sorry, Anneli! Birds are so beautiful. I am glad you gave him a nice resting place. I hope you’re doing well, my friend.

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  13. So sad but you gave him a beautiful tribute, Anneli. ❤

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  14. Very sad! They do fly blind.

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