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Nuts About Nuts


Ooh! Look what I found! Hee, hee. I knew I had some good ones stashed from last year.

Now to get into it without breaking a tooth.

Oh, yum!

Here’s the best part.

Bit stale … yup … that’s a last year’s for sure. “Best before” date’s been and gone.

Urrrrp!  Hmm … starting to get a bit of a tummy ache.

Oh, what the heck. Might as well finish it.

One more bite. C’mon, Lincoln. You can do it.

Groan … anybody got any Gaviscon? Tums?

I’m nuts about nuts,

But they get to my guts,

And then I don’t feel so good.



With trees everywhere,

We can easily share,

There’s lots in my neighbourhood.



I eat the nutmeat,

It’s the tastiest treat,

But eating too much is not nice.



So high on my list,

Nuts are hard to resist,

See, even a squirrel has his vice.


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Author: wordsfromanneli

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36 thoughts on “Nuts About Nuts

  1. This is so fun, Anneli! Lincoln sure chewed that nut to pieces, he’s so cute. ❤️ That trunk looks fresh-cut, must be the one that dropped on the shed recently.

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    • Actually that is the leaner that the tree cutters took down. I did a post about it showing how the fellow scampered up the tree with his fancy ropes. But the one that fell on the shed is out there nearby too. We don’t have to go far to cut firewood; it just falls down around our ears right at home!


  2. I hope Lincoln has no natural predators. He’s too darn cute.

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  3. You take ever so fantastic pictures: thanks for sharing.

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  4. Are you trying to convince me to like squirrels? 🙂

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  5. I love your posts about little Lincoln. He’s so cute!

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  6. Fantastic pictures and a sweet little poem! Lincoln is so very sweet.

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  7. fantastic pictures 👍👍👍

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  8. Cute! Can you imagine having teeth like nutcrackers?

    I frequently check hazelnut shells because our mammals leave different tooth marks, and it’s a good way to work out what’s around. Grey squirrels crack them open but dormice are much neater.

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  9. He is one sweet squirrel. I like the accompanying verse too.

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  10. He’s such a nut! Such great pix. Give that boy some Gaviscon! Liquid, not chewies.

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  11. Go for it, Lincoln. A tummy ache is worth the pleasure of eating the nut.

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  12. Great photos, as always. Since we are without pets, my husband has taken to adopting our squirrels. “Friskie” loves nuts too and has become quite bold about wanting more. As have the birds. 🙂 Cute post, my friend.

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