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Hunting the Hunter


Quentin has been hanging out on the landing, looking at himself in the glass panel beside the front door. I think he thinks that reflection he sees is another quail in the house.

He must be wondering why the other quail isn’t coming out. He is so desperately hunting for others of his kind, especially if one were a female.

But he isn’t the only one who is hunting.

As I looked through the upstairs window to see if Quentin was still on the landing below, I saw, not a quail, but a quail hunter.

GASP! That’s not a quail. I ran for the camera and turned it on as I hurried across the room, hoping this predator hadn’t flown away by the time I returned. I know they are very wary.

This one was tiptoeing along the path, checking behind every little twig for the dinner of his dreams.

I was snapping pictures through the window with the zoom on because I didn’t dare go any closer lest he fly, so all these pictures are a bit “window-ish” and not the best clarity. But it was enough to identify the fellow as a sharp-shinned hawk, a very close lookalike to the Cooper’s hawk.

Moments later, he flew away.

The nearby birdfeeders were absolutely silent. No birds around. Not a peep!

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31 thoughts on “Hunting the Hunter

  1. Wow, he’s a beauty, but I said aloud Oh No when I saw the hawk. Hide, Quentin!

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  2. Aside from being quiet, were the other birds hiding under bushes?

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  3. Nature is so much better than television.

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  4. Woah! I’m glad he left hungry.

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  5. Your window photos turned out well!

    Poor little Quentin. I hope he does find a mate.

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  6. Wow! How amazing to capture the hawk hunting on the ground.

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  7. Even through the window your pictures turned out just perfect. I´ve never seen a hawk on the ground hunting. Poor Quentin. I hope he finds a mate sometime, somewhere. But at least he is still alive.

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    • I was surprised to see the hawk walking along beside the hedge, looking into it and under the branches. I guess he knows that birds hide there. Usually you see them flying or sitting on a branch or post looking at things from higher up. It WAS strange to see. I’m glad Quentin escaped this time.


  8. Ack. Hide little Quentin, hide. The fun thing is that I’m reading a book (Middle grade, recommended by children’s book reviewer Patricia Tilton) called Amari and the Night Brothers, and one of the main character’s name is Quentin! Hardly ever see that name. (BTW, highly recommend the book if you liked Harry Potter books. I was checking it out for my 12-year-old grandson and ended up getting really caught up in the great writing/fantasy/suspense). I love hawks, but I’m glad this one went away hungry….

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  9. The birds are very busy, chasing each other right now. Spring season is a great show of nature, mating time. There are quail off of the Highmoor WAlking trail and King Rd areas. So nice to see and hear Quail, Anneli says they say “Be careful, be careful”. Listen, you’ll hear “be careful”.

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    • Oh, that’s great to hear, Marsha. So maybe some will wander over this way, or Quentin will wander over that way. Long way to go though. I’m glad he’s not the absolute last one, but it will be a challenge for him to find those others.


  10. They all have to eat but you have to hold your breath when a hawk’s on the hunt!

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  11. What a beautiful and exciting story, Anneli! In my hometown a webcam is installed on a very high chimney, on which falcons nest every year. Every day I look at the website, where i can see in real time whether the little falcons have hatched. There were four eggs and a little chick hatched yesterday!
    Anneli, I wish you all the best! 😍
    Rosie from Germany

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  12. Good thing he didn’t get his dinner. I would love to see a quail up close one day.

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  13. Wow! That’s quite a dazzling visitor. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that species of hawk. The quail is great too. Love the hairstyle. We have one species of quail here but it’s extremely rare and shy.

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